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Kim Kardashian Turns The Tables And The Camera On The Paparazzi

October 08, 2013 06:33 AM by Lisa Princ

Kim Kardashian and her family are always being stalked by the paparazzi, which has got to be frustrating to deal with. So, why not have a little fun at their expense? That’s exactly what the Kardashian star did recently by turning the tables (and the camera) on the paparazzi!

Dealing with the paparazzi has got to be annoying, but celebrities just learn to deal with it. However,. every now and then, some of them decide to have some fun with the camera happy folks, and that is exactly what Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, Kim Kardashian did recently. During a recent trip to the mall with her mom Kris Jenner and best buddy Jonathan Cheban, Kardashian decided to wait in the car while they ran in to grab a few things. As usual, they were followed by the paparazzi, but the photographers had no idea that Kardashian was waiting in the car!

So, what did Kim do? She decided to have some fun, video taping the clueless paparazzi! “The paparazzi just followed my mom and Jonathan in the car and they have no idea that I’m hiding out in the car. Look, they’re running to go do something else,” Kardashian says in a the video, which she posted on Keek. And apparently, the fact that she went unnoticed was the highlight of her day. “I can’t believe the paparazzi does not see me! They are literally all surrounding the car and I’m just sitting in the car and this is the best day…ever,” Kim continued, giggling through the videos.

Hmm, we wonder if the paparazzi that followed her that day have seen these videos? That would be funny to watch, don’t you think?

What do you think about Kim Kardashian video taping the clueless paparazzi? We know you have an opinion and we want to hear from you! Comment below to share your thoughts with us!

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Photo Credit: WENN

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