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Brad Culpepper’s Alliance Crumbles On Survivor: Blood Vs Water

October 10, 2013 01:00 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Contestants on Survivor should never get too cocky, for, what may seem like a solid alliance can fall apart at a moment’s notice. Such was the case on last night’s episode of Survivor: Blood Vs Water, when former leader Brad Culpepper found himself the target of a tribal elimination.

During this epic season of Survivor, former NFL star Brad Culpepper has set himself apart as a worthy contender. But last night, in what Jeff Probst labeled “one of the most shocking votes” in the show’s history, Brad was sent to Redemption Island. The contestant’s fall from grace can be traced back to his former ally Caleb Bankston, who, in an effort to save himself, chose to skip over seemingly likely Redemption Island candidate Ciera Eastin and instead write in Brad’s name. This began a chain reaction that ended most unfortunately for Brad and Monica.

Jeff Probst argues, that Brad’s trip to Redemption Island may have been set in motion the moment he pitted himself against John. Jeff explains that “Brad’s biggest adversary is his own personality.” So, while the contestant has proven most talented, his very strengths may, at times, double as weaknesses.

Fortunately for Brad, it’s not quite the end of the road. The athlete has the opportunity to return to his former glory. It all depends on how he performs during his time at Redemption Island. An alternative option could involve switching places with Monica, a move that the show has hinted as a real possibility.

Do you think it’s over for Brad Culpepper? Or will another contestant get the ax next week? Feel free to share your predictions in the comments section below!

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