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Lisa Vanderpump And The Kids From Sur Return To Bravo Tonight

November 04, 2013 03:00 PM by Suzy Kerr

Vanderpump Rules is back tonight on Bravo, and the sophomore season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spin-off looks to be just as addictive as the first one, with its juicy plotlines and crazy relationship drama. As we head into season two, Lisa Vanderpump’s waitstaff at Sur continues to fight, make up, fight and bang their way through their daily, narcissistic lives – all under the watchful eye of Lisa. Spoilers for season two of Vanderpump Rules include….

•    Jax is back, even though he turned in his notice at the end of season one, saying he was going to stop bartending in an effort to change his bad boy reputation. He’s also going to focus his efforts on wining back Stassi after cheating on her and getting another girl pregnant.

•    New couple Kristen and Tom will have their own relationship drama, and Kristen’s well-documented jealousy issues are going to be a major factor when a new girl arrives and catches Tom’s eye.

•    Kristen will also butt heads with her boss Lisa Vanderpump, and she’s going to learn the hard way why this show is called Vanderpump Rules.

•    Stassi and Scheana have reverted back to being enemies, even though they were besties at the end of the first season. This time, Scheana’s got her eye on Stassi’s top spot as alpha female, and she’ll do whatever it takes to steal the throne. She’s also got Stassi convinced that Lisa has turned against her (Stassi), and Scheana’s new superclose friendship with Lisa and Pandora does not help Stassi’s confidence.

Tsk tsk…these people and their melodramatic lives. What would happen if any of them developed even a shred of a conscience or common sense? My guess is there would be no show, because it’s their lack of morality, respect and awareness of others that makes it so vastly entertaining – and such a welcome escape from our own realities.

Will you be tuning in to watch the antics of the Sur staff after the premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Tell us in the comments!

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Photo Credit: Bravo

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One Response to “Lisa Vanderpump And The Kids From Sur Return To Bravo Tonight”

  1. Deborah Says:
    November 4th, 2013 at 6:29 pm

    Just watched BH and Lisa Vanderpump is a cruel BIOTCH! Cannot stand her anymore!


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