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Despite Being Separated Dina Manzo Is Still Living With Her Estranged Husband

November 06, 2013 01:00 PM by Suzy Kerr

Talk about awkward. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo is reportedly still living with husband Tommy Manzo – even though the couple has been separated for over a year. Yikes, that’s gotta be a just a little uncomfortable. Are there no affordable apartments for lease anywhere? Because even a place the size of Dina’s current walk-in closet would be plenty big – and definitely better than shacking up with someone you’re on the verge of divorcing.

Recent comments from Dina imply that it’s not like that, however, and that she’s actually still holding out hope for a reconciliation. “We love each other. We respect each other. And that’s the way it’s gonna stay whether we get divorced or whether we stay together,” she said, adding, “I think it’s a really nice place to be with each other. We’re just seeing how things go right now. But there’s always love and respect between us.” It’s also worth noting that neither the Housewife nor her hubby have filed for divorce.

Interestingly, rumors abound saying that Dina is just biding her time with Tommy until she starts getting a paycheck again from Bravo. Dina hasn’t been a part of The Real Housewives of New Jersey in four years, but suddenly decided to sign on for the reality show’s sixth season. This insider says that it’s a carefully planned, strategic move on Dina’s part, on account of the giant pre-nup she signed before marrying Tommy in 2005. With the pre-nup in place, Dina would have nothing if she divorced now, so she needs a steady income before she can make a move to end the marriage.

Signs of trouble in the couple’s relationship first appeared last year, and Dina confirmed the separation via Twitter back in Feb. “My secret…I have been separated since October,” she wrote. “My heart hurts but Tommy & I will always share a very special love. So grateful for the support of my loved ones during this time, especially my spiritual friends. You know who u are xoxo.”

Okay, so that tweet came in early Feb., four months after the couple first split. It’s now Nov., and the pair is STILL living under the same roof? I’m sticking with my earlier assessment that things have got to be EXTREMELY awkward in the Manzo house.

What are your thoughts? Why is Dina Manzo still sharing a house with her husband if they’ve been separated for a year? Give us your theories in the comments!

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