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Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Express Support For Tennessee Abortion Legislation

November 06, 2013 12:00 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggars’ abortion stance is pretty obvious — if nothing else, their status as the parents of 19 Kids And Counting should offer a pretty big clue! But the reality couple also makes a point of expressing their pro-life sentiments in the political arena, which is exactly what they did the other day at a heavily-attended rally in Tennessee.

If there’s one accomplishment  Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar pride themselves on  (other than, you know, procreation), it’s the increasing sway they hold in the world of politics. This is all very interesting, as their influence was none too significant when Jim Bob served on the Arkansas state legislature. But now that their reality show has attracted such a devoted fan base, the couple carries far more sway among Christian conservatives.

The staunch pro-lifers recently filled up a Tennessee church with fans eager to hear their stance on a new proposal involving stricter abortion regulations. Obviously, the Duggars are in favor of establishing more stringent restrictions on abortion — and they feel the Tennessee public will side with them, particularly when they hear of the current status of abortion in their state. Jim Bob admitted, “As we talk to people here in Tennessee, most people are totally unaware of what happened in 2000, when the [Tennessee Supreme Court] went and threw out almost all of the regulations.” He added, “Tennessee is the only state in the Southeast that does not have a waiting period for a woman before she has an abortion, and it does not have informed consent.”

Do you agree with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggars’ views on abortion? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below!

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