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Jenelle Evans Mocks Farrah Abraham’s Plastic Surgery

November 07, 2013 04:00 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

It’s pretty obvious that Farrah Abraham has had a little work done on her face. Okay, maybe more than a little. Jenelle Evans is certainly aware of her fellow Teen Mom star’s new pucker — and she’s not impressed!

Farrah Abraham has garnered her fair share of criticism these past few years. First there was the negative response to her parenting style (you know, waxing her daughter’s unibrow), followed by the infamous sex tape and of course, massive splurging on plastic surgery. Looks like even Jenelle Evans is happy to bash Farrah, for that’s exactly what she did in a recent Twitter post, musing, “I’m sorry but I can’t see Farrah’s teeth anymore when she talks…and she just got her teeth done!”

According to Jenelle, it’s much better to be “all real than completely fake.” Problem is, Jenelle is not, in any manner of speaking, “all real.” After one Twitter follower pointed out the hypocrisy of a boob job recipient criticizing another person’s plastic surgery choices,Jenelle responded, “that’s the ONLY thing fake on me, not my chin, cheeks, lips, teeth, hair, and boobs.” According to Jenelle, the occasional enhancement is totally fine, but at some point, a girl’s gotta know when to quit.

Jenelle Evans does make a good point — excessive plastic surgery is definitely not attractive. Especially, when, as in Farrah’s case, “it’s almost every part of her body.” Still, we don’t really think it’s in Jenelle’s best interest to mock the poor decisions of a Teen Mom star. After all, if Farrah wanted to fight back, Jenelle would make a very easy target.

Do you agree with Jenelle Evans’ stance on Farrah Abraham’s plastic surgery? Sound off in the comments section below!

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Photo Credit: Farrah Abraham Twitter

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