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Survivor: Exclusive Interview With John Cody — Big Feet + Small Footholds = Doom

November 07, 2013 04:06 PM by Ryan Haidet

Having a size 12 shoe sure didn’t help John Cody on Survivor: Blood Vs. Water.  The 30-year-old doctor says the footholds on the poles during the Redemption Island endurance challenge spelled certain doom for him based on his large feet alone.  John, who was preceded in Survivor death by his three-time castaway wife, Candice, burned his buff in a game I truly believe he could have won.  I spoke one-on-one with John about his pre-merge boot to discuss why he didn’t go barefoot in his game-ending challenge.  But that’s not all…  John also reveals why he was so emotional during the game and revealed details about his search for that pesky hidden Immunity Idol.

Ryan Haidet, RealityTVMagazine.com: What was going through your mind as you sat in the sand after losing the challenge at Redemption Island?

John Cody: There’s nothing else to say.  I was physically frustrated after I fell down.  I gave it my all.  At that point, it was just like I don’t even care.  I wasn’t sitting there pulling for my wife in the game anymore because she was already gone.  It sucked sitting there just thinking if only it had been a little bit different; if only I had shared the clues.  All these things were going through my head.  All of the strategy and opportunity that I left in the game.

Ryan Haidet, RealityTVMagazine.com: At one point in the challenge you kicked your shoes off.  Why not go barefoot from the start?

John Cody: Yeah, actually we asked.  Jeff (Probst) said most people wear in their shoes in this kind of challenge.  He said he couldn’t really remember, but we all decided to wear our shoes.  It’s not like those little footholds were like they have been in the past.  It wasn’t like a rope or a deeper foothold.  They admitted they’ve made those footholds smaller over the years.  It was maybe a quarter of an inch deep.  So my whole thought was I don’t think barefoot I would be able to get any part of my foot into that slot.  So I thought maybe if I could just wedge my shoe and get the rubber of my shoe stuck in that little foothold that maybe I could last.  I was wrong.  Then I started sliding and I couldn’t get my shoes in the footholds.  When I kicked my shoes off, I was like, “You’re so stupid for leaving your socks on.”  (Laughs).  I’m not sure I could have lasted much longer if I was barefoot at that point anyway.

Ryan Haidet, RealityTVMagazine.com: When you saw what the challenge was, did you know you were in trouble before it began?

John Cody: I knew I was in trouble.  Once I walked in and saw those poles, I was like, “Oh, this is how they’re gonna do it?”  Laura (Morett) actually mumbled under her breath, “I got this.”  I didn’t want to have a losing attitude.  I’ve never gone into any competition ever in my entire life thinking there was no way for me to win — but I was very aware the odds were stacked against me in that challenge.

Ryan Haidet, RealityTVMagazine.com: What about the hidden Immunity Idol?  We haven’t seen hardly anybody looking for it until Tyson just found it.  How much did you search?

John Cody: We got a clue that our Idol was between our camp and fresh water.  Every time I walked to the well I kind of searched around.  It looks like Immunity Idols were just falling from the sky in previous seasons.  It’s like, “Oh, I tripped.  Hey, look!  It’s an Immunity Idol.”  That certainly wasn’t the case for us.  The island was very big.  One time I went looking for the Idol, it was the night I went home, I looked in one place and knew if it wasn’t there it had to be in the location where Tyson found it.  I didn’t have enough time to finish searching because we had to go to Tribal Council.  I ended up getting voted out that night.

Ryan Haidet, RealityTVMagazine.com: You had an emotional time on the show.  Your wife told us it was something she wasn’t used to seeing from you.  What was it about being on Survivor with Candice that turned your emotions on like a leaky faucet?

John Cody: For me, if bad things happen to me I have no problem handling it.  I’ve dealt through enough difficult situations in my life.  I’m not overly emotional guy.  Much contrary to how the show portrayed me as being.  It seemed like all I would do was cry on the beach in my underwear every day.  It was difficult for me to see Candice go through this difficult situation.  Knowing strategically that we had made the right move (not swapping spots on Redemption Island).  Feeling the guilt as her husband as the person who is supposed to stand up and protect her and I didn’t.  I knew, logically, it made sense.  But love isn’t always logical.  I was really feeling bad about that.  I put Candice before me in life, and to make the decision, while it was smart from a strategic standpoint, I put myself over her and it was hard for me.

What are your thoughts on what John had to say?  If you were in that pole endurance challenge, would you have competed in your bare feet?  What do you think of his emotions?  Do you find them sweet or annoying?  Of the remaining castaways, who is your favorite?  Sound off and leave a comment in the section below!

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Photos courtesy of CBS.

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