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Kris Jenner Slammed By PETA Over Photos With A Sea Lion

December 06, 2013 03:00 PM by Suzy Kerr

Kris Jenner has taken some pretty weird photos over the years – take their 2013 “holiday” card – but a recently posted shot depicting the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and a group of friends partying with a sea lion (yes, really) tops them all. Or does it? The photo, which has been slammed by PETA, is crazy all on its own – I mean, they have a friggin sea lion in a swimming pool!

The picture, which was Instagrammed by Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis’ girlfriend, shows Kris Jenner and Bachelor star and rumored boyfriend Ben Flajnik partying in a beachfront swimming pool with friends. It’s also worth noting that, even though the pic is just now getting attention, it was taken several months ago – before Kris and Bruce Jenner announced their split.  Hmmmm.

But what really has people talking is the massive rented sea lion, front and center in the photo, happily posing for the shot and making no attempt to, you know, act like a wild animal. But what’s even more amazing is that PETA jumped all over the Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch and her pals for their mistreatment of the innocent sea mammal. A rep for the group told Radar Online, “Sea lions are wild animals.They’re not party props, playmates or pool toys!” The PETA person then continued, “Sea lions are sensitive living beings who belong in the wild, where they have the freedom to swim long distances, lounge in the sun, hunt for food, and raise their families. They don’t belong in any millionaire’s backyard swimming pool!”

Besides, the bigger story here is that Kris is hanging out in a bikini with Ben Flajnik. Both she and the former Bachelor have denied any romantic involvement, but I’m not convinced. Besides, the sea lion confirmed the underwater hanky-panky.

So what do you think about this photo? Tell us in the comments!

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Photo Credit: Abbey Lauren Wilson on Instagram

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