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Gordon Ramsay Takes On The Swedish Chef In Muppets Most Wanted Promo

December 08, 2013 01:00 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

MasterChef grouch Gordon Ramsay likes to think of himself as the ultimate expert in food preparation, but then again, so does the Swedish Chef. The two notoriously stubborn television figures recently faced off in a hardcore food truck competition — and the results just might surprise you!

Who is more capable of charming audiences while putting together a delicious meal: the Swedish Chef or Gordon Ramsay? Charming seems to be a talent exclusive to the Swedish Chef, while Gordon Ramsay holds the actual culinary talent. But the Muppet favorite’s lack of skill didn’t stop him from engaging Chef Ramsay in a very contentious food truck battle.

Gordon Ramsay recently clued followers in on the epic showdown by tweeting, “This may be the most important cook-off of my career. Me vs The Swedish Chef.” Unfortunately, the reality chef’s all-important cook-off experienced some significant problems early in the competition, with Chef Ramsay eventually forced to fire his clumsy assistant Sweetums.

Things went from bad to worse during the judging portion of the competition, when the decision to merge the Swedish Chef and Gordon Ramsay’s creations resulted in a huge explosion — or, in reality cooking lingo, an “explosive combo.” With both Chef Ramsay and the Swedish Chef’s meals destroyed, the judges ultimately decided to end the competition with a tie. We’re hoping this means there’s a second round on the way!

Ultimately, the point of this exciting cooking showdown was to promote the upcoming film Muppets Most Wanted, which is slated to hit theaters in March.  If Muppets Most Wanted is anywhere near as goofy as the Chef Ramsay vs Swedish Chef cook-off, it’ll definitely be film worth watching! Do you agree? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Photo Credit: Gordon Ramsay on Twitter

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