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Lisa Vanderpump: ‘Kyle Damns Me If I Do, Damns Me If I Don’t’

December 11, 2013 05:31 AM by Suzy Kerr

One of the biggest headlines surrounding The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills right now is the cheating scandal involving Kyle Richard’s husband Mauricio. While Kyle and Mauricio have been quick to denounce the rumors, they don’t feel that their co-stars responded appropriately – especially Lisa Vanderpump. In her latest Bravo blog, Lisa addresses the tension between her and Kyle and sums it up with an appropriate “damned if I do, damned if I don’t” statement.

Let’s start with a little back story before we get to the meat of Lisa’s blog. Recently, the tabloids ran a story alleging that Kyle’s husband had cheated on her. Of course, everyone was in an uproar about it, but Kyle was particularly unhappy with Lisa’s reaction of “well, you never know.” She also didn’t appreciate it when Lisa brought up the accusations during a couple of group get-togethers.

Now, Lisa has taken to her blog to defend her actions and also reiterate that, hey, lies in the tabloids is sort of what they signed up for when they agreed to be part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. “I am adamant that what is printed in the tabloids is not to be relied on. Much has little merit. I have the sentiment that if Kyle doesn’t believe it and he denies it, then that’s good enough for me. Who cares what a tabloid says?” She goes on to say, “I suppose this is our reality. That’s what we signed up for.”

Lisa also took some time to point out that she did defend Kyle after the cheating allegations came out, and she can’t understand why Kyle is acting as if she did otherwise. “I find it odd that Kyle keeps singling me out? I was the only one who attempted to discredit it. Not one person…supported her. But the very first time I was on the carpet…I stated, when asked, that I believed it to be utter bulls—.”

Sounds like a case of she said-she said if you ask me. What do you think? Did Lisa Vanderpump wrong Kyle Richards, or is Kyle twisting the story around? Tell us in the comments!

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One Response to “Lisa Vanderpump: ‘Kyle Damns Me If I Do, Damns Me If I Don’t’”

  1. Missy Says:
    December 12th, 2013 at 3:27 pm

    I feel so terribly sorry for Lisa. I could not imagine having Kyle, Brandi…et al as friends. At every turn they try to throw “shade” her way… She’s bloody British for gods sake!! Her humour is British… Each lady has misconstrued all that she says or has said in the past… For f&@$!’s sake… Work on yourselves Brandi….and send love and light and move on… You look like bullies….


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