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Kim Kardashian’s Man, Kanye West, Claims His Arrogant Outbursts Are For His Fans

December 17, 2013 02:00 PM by Suzy Kerr

Generous and self-sacrificing are two words that no one anywhere (except perhaps Kim Kardashian) would ever use to describe Kanye West. However, that’s exactly what the rapper and fiancé to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star says he is – specifically when it comes to his crazy outbursts at his concerts. Giving guy that he is, he’s doing it all for us. Oh Kanye, you shouldn’t have! No really, YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE. Please stop. For the love of God, STOP.

Kanye, who’s currently in the midst of his Yeezus concert tour, let fans in Anaheim know the truth behind his self-centered rants and silly antics during a concert the other night. As he’s done in previous performances, Yeezy halted the show to deliver an important message, but this time it wasn’t about fashion or not getting nominated for a Grammy.Instead, it was about him, and us, and how his arrogant outbursts are a direct result of his abundant generosity.

Wearing one of his trademark (and creepy) masks, ‘Ye told concertgoers, “I want to explain to y’all how arrogant I am. I’m so arrogant, that I actually think I can outsmart the media.” I would agree with that, wouldn’t you? He then continued, “One of the media’s main things that they like to think is that the reason why I fight so much is just so I can, like, be doper or something.” Yep, doper.But he wasn’t finished. “I don’t give a f**k about looking cool,” he said to a cheering crowd before also pointing out that he’s “been dope since age mother**king five.”

Finally, Kim Kardashian’s baby daddy got to the point, which was when he delivered the bit about how everything he does is really for all us nobodies. “But [the media] try to make it seem like my whole purpose in anything that I do and anything that I say….is about me. Well, where I think I have been outsmarted is, what they don’t realize and what I think you all realize, is everything I do is actually about YOU.”

And then people cheered. And I cried, because REALLY?! Kanye West acts the way he does because he’s Kanye West, and he thrives on attention and discord. And it’s kind of disgusting for him to say that his actions are done with anyone but himself in mind. Besides, what benefit does anyone else get from him mouthing off for 10 minutes during a concert, besides the brief entertainment that comes from reading an article such as this?Answer: none.Unless, of course, he chose to appear more regularly on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which would provide even more entertainment.

So what are your thoughts on Kanye’s assertion that all his crazy is for us? Tell us in the comments!

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