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Farrah Abraham Fake Boyfriend Scam Exposed

January 06, 2014 11:30 AM by Suzy Kerr

There are a lot of reasons why Farrah Abraham has been described as fake in the past, but now she’s given new meaning to the word. The ex-Teen Mom star is making headlines again, and this time it’s because she’s behind one of the biggest scams in VH1 history. The reality/porn star is appearing in the current season of the network’s hit relationship-fixer show, Couples Therapy, except there’s one tiny problem – Farrah doesn’t even have a relationship to fix!

RadarOnline has obtained exclusive proof that everyone’s favorite Backdoor Teen Mom has no business at all being on the couples reality show – namely because she’s single. The guy that Farrah was going to appear with, Brian Dawe, has now come out and said that he was never in a relationship with Farrah, and that the whole thing was a scam.

Radar has obtained copies of court documents that Irwin Entertainment, the company who produces Couples Therapy, sent to Dawe. In the paperwork dated Oct. 28, Irwin tells Farrah’s fake boyfriend that he may incur damages for misrepresenting his relationship with Farrah. However, if Dawe simply agrees to appear on the show and pretend that the two are a real couple with real couple problems, all of this legal drama can go away.

For his part, Brian Dawe said that his conscience won’t allow him to go on national television and lie, and that’s why he wouldn’t go through with it. Farrah, on the other hand, has no problem with it, and she was on-site to film the show’s first episode, which premiered last night. On the show, Farrah pretended that her relationship was legit, even telling Dr. Berman, “I was under the impression that I was coming here with a boyfriend, and he completely like disappeared. Doesn’t return my calls or come here so I don’t know, like, where he is or, like, why he isn’t here.” She then, like, continued, “And I’m so, like, kind of in shock. I obviously am, like, by myself and everybody has somebody here so I’m kind of, like, sad about it.” Like, seriously? You’re, like, single, so what are you even doing on this show, Farrah?

No word yet on what’s going to happen, if anything, to Brian Dawe for not fulfilling his end of the bargain. In the meantime, we’ll have to watch and see what happens with Farrah and if Dr. Berman can help her overcome her issues. I’m wouldn’t, like, bet on it, but we’ll see.

So what do you think about Farrah Abraham and the fake boyfriend scandal? Tell us in the comments!

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One Response to “Farrah Abraham Fake Boyfriend Scam Exposed”

  1. alissa b Says:
    January 8th, 2014 at 7:39 am

    Her dad has been trolling these posts & trying to make it look like this was a real relationship. He says that the issue is between VH1 & Brian when asked what he thought about all of this. He said that this wasn’t their issue & that Brian was in breach of contract. NOT THEIR ISSUE?? Your daughter started all this by faking a relationship. Yep, you’ve got an issue Mr. Abraham, & it’s the fact that your daughter lies constantly. You’re starting to look real dumb in defending her.


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