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Kanye West Pays Big To Alleged Assault Victim

January 29, 2014 11:00 AM by Suzy Kerr

It certainly pays to get punched in the face by Kanye West. The rapper and baby daddy to Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kim Kardashian just settled the assault case brought against him earlier this month, and the racist,homophobic punchee is walking way with a six-figure settlement.

TMZ is reporting that the still-unidentified 18-year old man who Kanye West punched a couple weeks ago has been paid more than $250,000 to drop the case against the rapper. If you recall, Yeezy punched the dude after he started yelling racial and homophobic epithets at nearby paparazzi and at Kim Kardashian herself as she headed into meeting in Beverly Hills on Jan. 13. After Kim alerted Kanye to the guy’s potty mouth, ‘Ye followed him into a nearby chiropractor’s office and started swinging. Office staff called the cops, and the 18-year old decided to press charges.

In spite of whether or not the guy deserved it (he did), the situation looked a little grim for Kanye, who was – and is – already facing another criminal battery case stemming from a run-in with paparazzi at LAX last summer. However, sources close to the case said all along that the guy did not want to deal with a criminal trial and was hoping to settle outside of the courtroom.

Obviously, he got his wish, and in all likelihood, both parties are feeling very satisfied. The 18-year old has more money now than he’s probably ever seen in his life, but that’s pocket change to a guy like Kanye. Yeezy is worth tens of millions dollars, and so is his Keeping Up with the Kardashians baby mama. See? $250,000 is a drop in the ocean for them. Plus, now there’s virtually no chance of the D.A. moving forward with the case against Kanye, so he’s back down to just one set of criminal charges. It’s a win-win.

So what do you think? Do you agree with the amount Kanye West shelled out to keep the case out of court? Tell us in the comments!

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