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NeNe Leakes Takes Responsibility For “Stirring The Pot” But Not Starting The Fight

February 11, 2014 06:06 AM by Megan Thompson

The Real Housewives of Atlanta pajama brawl has got to make it in the top ten fights in real housewives history. Where else can you see grown adults in their pajamas throwing punches? With all this drama- no one wants to take responsibility for starting the fight. But NeNe Leakes does admit that she possibly stirred the pot. Keep reading to find out what she has to say about the now infamous pajama fight.

It was a pajama party gone wrong these last two weeks on RHOA. NeNe decided it was a good idea to have the ladies and their significant others dress in pajamas for a little intimate pillow talk. The party quickly went downhill when Kenya stood up to talk to someone and another guest tried to hold her back. This didn’t sit well with Kenya’s date for the night, so he quickly jumped up to protect her. As you probably watched, Kenya’s date got a bad beating from Apollo. When that fight ended, Kandi ended up fighting with Cynthia. Basically the whole night was a hot mess and no one wanted to accept responsibility for it.

Well now at least NeNe admits in her Bravo blog that she probably stirred the pot a little. You think?  But in no way is NeNe accepting responsibility for her guests actions!  “Ill even accept you saying I stirred the pot, but I can’t take the blame for uncontrollable adults picking up their fists to fight.  Everyone is responsible for their own actions,” NeNe wrote in her blog.

NeNe might not think she is responsible for the fight, but viewers of  Watch What Happens Live disagree.  In last night’s poll question “who was to blame?” –  57% viewers thought NeNe was to blame.  While Kenya came in second place with 42% of votes.

So who do you think is to blame in this pajama fight?  Let us know what you think, leave us a comment below.

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7 Responses to “NeNe Leakes Takes Responsibility For “Stirring The Pot” But Not Starting The Fight”

  1. Pooch Says:
    February 11th, 2014 at 9:50 am

    Nene was the blame she did just what she’s getting paid to do stir up trouble. Why do you think she’s the highest paid housewife on tv. Nene’s no fool she wants to keep that paycheck so whatever they tell her to do she will do no morals needed. SMH

  2. Texas Says:
    February 11th, 2014 at 10:48 am

    Nene Leaks definitely started the fight. She hosted the party it seems with the intent to cause dissention among the other cast members.
    It had already been established that Chuck had relations with Phaedra and Kandi, so there was no need for questions relating to being in the company of people you mate has slept with.
    It makes sense why she was so putt off with Kenya being late. She was waiting on Kenya to be there to start up about Chris and his wife..

    Nene is 100% to blame. I hope the other cast members see through her.

    If she was a real friend to Mynique, then she would not have even brought that up again. I looked like Mynique was seeing through Nene as she and her husband just sat and observed.

    Cynthia Bailey was to blame for the second go around with Kandi. Kandi should not have apologized. Cynthia did not represent accurately what Natalie said, in fact she and Peter is who said Todd was an opportunist. What Cynthia is really angry about is Kandi told her that she had heard things about Peter, but had not repeated. Cynthia can’t move past that, yet she discussed Natalie and what she had said about Todd when Kandi was not present.

    RHOA needs to start calling Nene out for her antics.

    She even referenced indirectly Kordell Stewart with the bi-sexual remark.

  3. Sara Parnell Says:
    February 11th, 2014 at 1:32 pm

    Nene Leaks you are 100% correct on taking the blame and responsibility for what had happen during your couples pillow talk. You knew their was going to be a problem with Kenya being late for your event you girls are always late why make search a big deal out of it and that’s why you told Christopher what she said.You should have left it along and called Kenya out some other time when everyone was gone and not acting like crazed wild animals.Cynthia Bailey also was to blame for the disrespect her husband Peter took toward Todd and Kandi on the strip club comment. Kandi should have flowed Cynthia sister ass for pushing her because she had nothing to do with this matter. Cynthia it looks like to me that you are scared of Peter and that is why you went running to him about what you girls and I mean what Kandi said or referred to get a reaction out of him. If you are a friend or say your a friend (you)referring to Cynthia now deep down you had a feeling Peter was doing more than going to a strip club you should have went yourself to find out what it is or who it is that keeps your husband from home instead of throwing shade and telling him that Kandi may have said or hint he was doing wrong. You and Peter said and referred to Todd being an opportunist what does that make Peter.

  4. Jean Says:
    February 11th, 2014 at 6:33 pm

    It was all Nene’s fault. She put everyone who had a problem with each other in the same room and waited to see them explode even that disrespectful ex of Kandi’s and Phaedra’s … Chris somebody. I don’t know why people don’t call her out more. She is a big trouble maker. She definitely struck a match and then sat back innocently and watch everything blow up. I am so sick of her and her “better than thou” attitude. After all, she is just a stripper who made good!!!

  5. Newsby Says:
    February 11th, 2014 at 8:06 pm

    I strongly agree with what Texas says. Nene is fully responsible for what took place at the pajama party. She needs to accept the facts that they are not all going to like each other for what ever reasons. She feels the could bring each other together. Get real Nene. In almost every episode, Nene gets away with what she says to these ladies.
    Cynthia is to blame as well. She talks too much. Whatever she and Natalie talked about she be between both if them or if she feels the need to take it up with Kandi, then do so. This gas nothing to do with the other ladies. Yes, Cynthia was in Kandi’s face. Kandi did not owe them no apologies.
    Real House wife of Atlanta is not real tv. I am convince they are acting

  6. EmbarrassedIWatchThisCrap Says:
    February 11th, 2014 at 11:38 pm

    I’m so sick of Nene running her mouth with no valuable info. I really liked her initially, but I think she’s lost it. Taking no responsibility for any of her bad behavior. Acting a fool. Who in the hell gives a rat’s patootie if she’s “rich, bitch” (cuz in the scheme of things her net worth is squat). Just done and bored. Words to Lele Neakes: shutcha pie hole!

  7. dee dav id Says:
    February 12th, 2014 at 9:28 am

    Nene is responsible for what went wrong at her party. As crazy as I believe Kenya is and she is crazy, Nene attacked this woman from the moment she walked in and it is un-acceptable behavior to conduct yourself in this manner as the host. She attacked every inch of Kenya. Nene also was apparently willing to hold Kenya hostage because she was really firm when she told her “You ain’t going nowhere”, big bully. Kandi should not have apologized to Cynthia as Cynthia stirred the pot about Kandi’s business with Chris and his wife and I am certain that is the only reason she got an invite. Kandi was correct to point out that she had not mentioned any of Peter’s secrets because she knew Cynthia was behind the whole Natalie fiasco. Peter needs to decide whether he wants to be a man or a woman because he is too quick to attack women, that’s shady. Cynthia says she asked Natalie about Todd because Kandi’s mom was upset. Kandi’s relationship with Todd is nobody’s business but hers unless Todd has murdered all his other girlfriends. Natalie you were out of line to bring up anything about Todd, sweetheart it’s not your business and didn’t you just scold Kenya for getting in your business? This proves Cynthia brought you there to address Kandi and like a fool you went with the plan. Cynthia I like you much better the 1st episode but getting a back-bone does not mean you have to stir up poo poo with anyone the 2 are separate, for some reason you are not as pretty anymore. Malorie was out of line but this will give her an opportunity to let Peter know that she had his back when she attacked both Kandi and Todd. If she was intending to stop it I need you to grab your relatives dear not the people they are fighting with because it’s too easy for you to get a lick in while pretending you are stopping it. You were not trying to stop it as you mouthed off about beating Kandi’s a$$ yet for some reason I feel like Kandi would have mopped the floor with you. Chris love you dear but you and Nene had it planned that you would walk across the floor pretending to get a drink and I don’t blame Kenya one bit for getting out of her seat and standing up to you , yet she should not have charged Natalie with crap she stirred up about your marriage. You should not have grabbed her and I am angry with you about it. You could have gotten your drink and sat down. Brandon I like the way you stick of for Kenya but Kenya like to stir up to much poo poo. You were getting crazy and I understand because the others had grabbed you yet I don’t believe they were attempting to fight you. They were trying to settle you down and in the process Apollo got hit and trying to prove his masculinity lost his damn mind. What really bothers me is that everyone seems like they should be taking Nene’s poo poo.
    Nene you had gotten away from this behavior when you were making money with the other jobs but since you are no longer doing the extra jobs, the hood girl resurfaced. Mynique it was wrong for you to mention anything about Kandi. Chuck didn’t tell you everything because he certainly had not mentioned Phaedra. Chuck the way you fronted Phaedra was all a shamble. You dated both the girls but apparently told you wife so many lies that you had to placate her by embarrassing Phaedra on TV. Phaedra handled it just right any other woman would have cussed you out, shame on you with that high school BS.


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