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Rob Kardashian’s Weight Issues: Is There A Secret Motive Going On Here?

February 24, 2014 03:00 PM by Lisa Princ


A few years ago, we all watched Rob Kardashian shake his money maker on Dancing With The Stars, and he looked fit. Fast forward a few years later, add a breakup as well as having to deal with all those Kardashian women, and poor Rob Kardashian is looking worse than ever, and reportedly very depressed and withdrawn. However, we are starting to wonder if there is really a secret ploy to his weight gain…

Rob Kardashian was recently spotted out and about, and he seems to keep packing on more and more pounds every time he’s photographed. Recent rumors have suggested that he is staying away from his family and he is very depressed, and the former Dancing With The Stars contestant also recently took down many of his photos on Twitter and Instagram.

We know that ending a relationship can be a very emotional time, and some of us are emotional eaters, which could be the case with Rob, but considering all the members of his family are usually snagged working out, it would make sense for him to be working out with them. Other stories claiming that Rob has been working out and watching his diet, but it certainly is not showing, leaving us all worried about the Kardashian star.

Then, we got to thinking about this for a bit. Kris Jenner loves to keep her family in the spotlight, no matter what the cost – could she be doing that to her own son? Think about it for a minute. If Rob Kardashian gains enough weight, surely Kris Jenner could hook him up with a spot on The Biggest Loser, or a similar weight loss show which would, once again, keep her family in the spotlight. However, Rob seems like the only normal one in that crazy family, so we’re not so sure he would go for it. Definitely an interesting thought.

Whatever the case may be with Rob Kardashian, we sure hope he can get his life back on track soon!

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