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The Bachelor: Andi Dorfman’s Disastrous Fantasy Suite Date

February 26, 2014 11:00 AM by Stephanie Gustafson


Ever since Juan Pablo Galavis¬†accused Clare Crawley of getting too physical during a romantic beach rendezvous, we’ve been waiting for one of¬†The Bachelor contestants to work up the courage to hit back at the smooth talker. Andi Dorfman did just that during last night’s fantasy suite episode, telling JP exactly what he needed to hear.

Juan Pablo Galavis certainly knows how to stir up a good Facebook debate, what with his penchant for lady drama. Everyone went into last night’s episode knowing that there’d be plenty to discuss after the reality star narrowed the pool down to two finalists. But nobody could anticipate what the lovely island of Saint Lucia held in store for the remaining three gals.

Andi Dorfman’s extended outing with Juan Pablo began innocently enough, with the dynamic duo mingling with locals and taking part in an impromptu game of soccer. And then things were a little less innocent — the pair agreed to taking the next step in the hallowed fantasy suite. A super excited Andi exclaimed, “I feel, like, on cloud nine right now. I mean, I just can’t stop smiling…I can envision myself with Juan Pablo for forever.”

Things could not have been more different the following morning. Although JP appeared to have had a wonderful time, Andi looked absolutely miserable. “The fantasy suite turned into a nightmare. I saw a side to him that I didn’t really like, and the whole night was just a disaster.” According to Andi, Juan Pablo completely disregarded her feelings, instead speaking at length about his date with Clare.

Instead of following Clare and Nikki by sharing her feelings in a post-date video, Andi requested a private meeting with Juan Pablo. She then proceeded to dump the reality star, explaining that his style was far too abrasive. “There’s a difference between being honest and being an a**hole.” Twitter fans absolutely loved this line, as they felt it was high time somebody held JP accountable.

And so, we have Clare Crawly and Nikki Ferrell in the final two! Do you think Andi Dorfman made the right decision? Sound off in the comments section below!


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5 Responses to “The Bachelor: Andi Dorfman’s Disastrous Fantasy Suite Date”

  1. Mireya Says:
    February 26th, 2014 at 3:39 pm

    Andy is a jerk, she had the chance during the whole day and night to tell him about , religion, social issues.
    I guess that was her way out since her father didn’t like him.
    She wants fame.
    I’m glad she is out.

  2. sue Says:
    February 26th, 2014 at 5:55 pm

    I think Juan Pablo’s the jerk! After Andi told him that she was going home he said “OK”….the equivalent of “Whatever” or “Who cares”. When ever Andi tried to talk (she said) he interrupted her and started talking about himself. To me he comes across as self centered and as not taking this whole thing seriously…he thinks giving the girl a kiss fixes everything.

  3. jackie Says:
    February 26th, 2014 at 6:07 pm

    I’m so proud of Andy. She nailed it and took the words right out of my mouth.

  4. Oscar Says:
    February 26th, 2014 at 6:57 pm

    Andi knew she was the next to leave. So she had to save face somehow. That was some extreme behavior on her part.

  5. Tony Granville Says:
    February 27th, 2014 at 8:15 pm

    Awesome Andi,
    When I was watching last nights episode, I just didn’t see how Awesome Andi (as I call her) could fit in to JP life style. In his laid back ” it’s okay ” kind of life. Don’t get me wrong, he is a great dad and has great morals when it comes to Camilla, but I don’t think that he is the right fit for Andi. Remember, just trying ” to be honest “.

    Thanks, Tony


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