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Has Kanye West Turned Over A New Leaf?

February 27, 2014 02:02 PM by Lisa Princ


Whether you love or hate Kanye West, you’ll probably agree with the majority of Facebook fans, who think that Kanye West has a very short fuse. In the past, Mr. Kim Kardashian has snapped at the paparazzi any chance he could, but that was not the case recently when West took a different approach!

Kanye West seems to have a slight temper problem, especially when it comes to the paparazzi, but after his most recent attack, it seems that West may have turned over a new leaf! According to TMZ, when West was bombarded by a photographer recently while in New York City, West did not go on his usual rampage. So, what went down?

Apparently, Kanye (and his bodyguards) were out in NYC recently, heading to their vehicle, when a man ran up with his cell phone camera and tried to take a photo with the rapper. But instead of going crazy on the guy, Kanye remained calm, while his bodyguards got the man out of the way without harming him. A few moments later, Kanye called the man back to his van, where he told the fan he will take a picture with him, pending the paparazzi cameras get turned off. The lucky fan wound up getting his picture, and no one got hurt.

What is going on with this softer side of Kanye West lately? He normally goes ballistic when anyone with a camera gets within a few hundred feet of him. Whatever it is, we’ll take it!

Join the discussion on Twitter and tell us what you think of Kanye West’s run in with the paparazzi. Has he changed for the better?


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