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Survivor: Cagayan Interview — David Samson Says J’Tia Taylor Was Useless

February 27, 2014 04:41 PM by Ryan Haidet


David Samson, president of the Florida Marlins, took a crack at Survivor — and struck out after three days.  The big-time sports decision maker quickly found himself as the first person voted out of Survivor: Cagayan — Brains Vs. Brawn Vs. Beauty.  In our interview with David, he predicted his tribe’s future success, gave his opinion on which team he felt would have been a better fit for him and unleashed his feelings on J’Tia.

Question: The choice to get rid of both you and Garrett seems like a really bad move, and it looks like the Brains tribe could be quickly decimated. What do you think their chances are of doing well?  What do they need to do?

David Samson: After what J’Tia did with the rice, I cannot find how Garrett was voted off.  It makes no sense.  It just confirms our label of the anti-Brain tribe.  We were six leaders and no followers.  We were not able to accomplish anything during my short stay with the tribe, and it certainly looked like after I left, not much got better. There’s always a new sunrise and there’s always a new opportunity to get better.  To me, J’Tia has sealed her fate.  When you’re a couch contestant, maybe you think there’s a green room with a bunch of food waiting for you when the cameras are off.  But it isn’t that way.  There is no food.  To get rid of food like that, to me, seems like an inexcusable act that should have cost her.  But frankly, she shouldn’t have had the chance to because she should have been the first gone.


Question: What did you make of the Beauty tribe?

David Samson: When we got onto the mat, we didn’t know it was Brains Vs. Brawn Vs. Beauty. I looked around and I saw Jefra, Alexis and Morgan were on the same tribe. I saw Tony, Cliff and Sarah on one tribe.  Then I looked at us and thought, “There’s something going on here.”  It became very clear.  I think the Beauty tribe has a lot to offer.  I think it’s gonna be very interesting to see how it plays out.  If I had to choose one, I’d always choose Brawn because you can be really smart and really good looking, but at the end of the day, having strength is so important.  I can’t tell you the difference between watching a challenge and doing it.  Those treasure chests were so heavy.  We were so hungry, so thirsty, so malnourished and so grumpy that it made it tough.


Question: It does seem as if many of the castaways this season could fit into the other tribes.  Do you feel your label as a Brain was the right place for you?

David Samson: What we learned after the first three days is pretty clear: I shouldn’t have been on any tribe.  We certainly didn’t act brainy and I certainly don’t think anyone is mistaking me for Brawn or putting me on the cover of “Vogue.”  So I’m not sure where I should have been.  Having said that, I’d like to think that I could have played on any of the other tribes because it’s a game where you just have to mesh with who you’re with and hope the chips fall in the right place.


Question: Do you wish you would have done something differently at Tribal Council?

David Samson: It’s terrible to say because I lost, but there’s not one thing I would have done differently because it would never have occurred to me that J’Tia would survive the first vote.  No matter how strategic people are being, no matter how big a threat they thought I was, why get rid of me after three days?  Do it to me later.  J’Tia was so useless that I literally thought it was gonna be 5-1.

Question: What was the reaction from the Marlins when they found out you were going to be on Survivor?

David Samson: They were not shocked because they know I like doing things that are a little out of the ordinary and a little crazy.  They were not surprised.  The poll on me was that I would either be voted out first or win.  I will never know if the latter is correct, but they certainly got the former right.


Question: How would you compare what you do for a living to the game of Survivor?

David Samson: With the Marlins, we stay in hotels, not shelters built by nuclear engineers.  We have a lot of food in the clubhouse.  There’s a lot of drinks and I’ve got baseball players around who are very good at listening if I need help.  So, it is nothing close to it.  The only thing the job prepared me for, was the ability to make decisions because not all of them are gonna be right.  But when you’re a decision maker, people just count on me to make a decision.  Knowing that some of them are going to be wrong.  But in Survivor, you don’t get a chance to make it better.  I got voted out.  In baseball, if you have a bad game, you get to play again tomorrow.  There’s 162 games in a season and there’s always a chance tomorrow a new day will come.  But once your torch is snuffed, the season is over. …  They didn’t really show enough of how hungry and thirsty and malnourished and lack of energy we had.  Then we tried to start fire and we literally got nothing done.  It was very depressing to go into a challenge and feel as though everybody had a 30-minute head start.


What are your thoughts on what David had to say?  Do you think he could have won the game?  Are you happy he was the first voted out?  Sound off and leave a comment in the section below.

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  1. Sidney Ashley Says:
    May 1st, 2014 at 6:21 pm

    Oh Boy, Spenser on the “Brains ” team ? ? ? ?
    He has had an opportunity to get Tony off, Then He had the opportunity to get rid of Woo. Simply by giving his idol to first Morgan, and then the next time to Jeremiah. Spenser is a wimp. I sure hate to see Tish, or Tony win.


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