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Whose Hairstyle Is Hotter: Chad Rogers Or Pauly D?

February 27, 2014 09:16 AM by Cailyn Cox


Our hairstyles are really an extension of our personalities and DJ Pauly D and Chad Rogers’ hairstyles really have a lot to say about them. Both the Jersey Shore star and the former Million Dollar Listing real estate agent have very different personalities and very different looks, neither of which appear to appeal to the mainstream male. However, what hairstyle appeals to most men is not our concern right now, what we really want to know is: Who’s hairstyle is hotter, Pauly D’s or Chad Rogers?

Pauly D
Jersey Shore fans across the globe were surprised when Pauly D, real name Paul DelVecchio, said goodbye to his signature “guido” blowout, a labor-intensive hairstyle that was the topic of many conversations and a walking advertisement for hairsprays and gels.


The Rhode Island native even admitted to the New York Daily News in 2009 that his hairstyle demanded some serious attention, and took him quite some time to do. He confessed, “It takes me about 25 minutes to do my hair.”

However, last year Pauly D grew tired of having to spend 25 minutes on his hair every day and on May. 20 2013, he swapped his creative look for a more refined choice. Pauly D took to Instagram at the time and shared his sleek look, saying, #TheGreatDJGatsby !!!”


The result created a mass-outcry and fans were disappointed that Pauly D had abandoned the image that made him so famous in the first place. The fact that the MTV star’s hair caused such a stir, is evident of just what a trademark his infamous “motorcycle-proof” hairstyle had become, and that’s probably why the sleek look didn’t last. Yes, that’s right, the 33-year-old DJ is back to his old ways, playing events to sold out crowds and spending more time on his hair than most women do.

Although, we have to give Pauly D credit where its due, few men could pull off such high-maintenance look, with as much confidence and style.

Chad Rogers
On the other hand, the former Million Dollar Listing star Chad Rogers doesn’t share the same love for hair gel as Pauly D, and he prefers to have a hairstyle that sweeps his face, rather than one that stands to attention.


There were mixed reviews when the opinionated star did not return to the hit Bravo show for the fourth season, a show that is jam-packed with drama and reveals the cutthroat world of real estate, and was replaced by Josh Altman. However, even though Rogers is no longer part of the show, his hairstyle continues to make the headlines, and not all opinions are good!

Perhaps Rogers grew tired of the criticism, or perhaps he just wanted a change, but in October of last year he debuted a new, slightly more mature look. He did reveal however that the haircut wasn’t really any different, that he just now had two ways he could style it. He has been photographed recently still sporting both hairstyles.


It may surprise you to learn this, but Rogers is actually 36-years-old, although, he honestly could pass as a 21-year-old, especially when he goes back to his original hairstyle. We’re pretty sure looking young beyond your years is still considered a compliment. And say what you want about Roger’s hairstyle, he is still a majorly successful real estate agent.

Like Pauly D, Chad Rogers is also a hair perfectionist, and we’re sure that he to, would spend longer than most women do on perfecting the natural oil balance in his hair and making sure that it all falls perfectly into place.

Tell us what you think, does Pauly D’s blowout hairstyle do it for you? Or do you prefer the more natural look that Chad Rogers is working?

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Chad Rogers Instagram
Pauly D Instagram

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