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The Dreamiest 5 Bachelors Of All Time And What Makes Them So Hot

March 04, 2014 09:00 AM by Anna Sanclement


We couldn’t list the five worst Bachelors in history without also revealing our picks for the best ones ever. While the bad boys make for awesome and riveting television, the good ones help us dream and hope for that perfect love story. Or, at least to be able to watch someone else’s love story unfold in the midst of a reality show that involves situations most people would cringe to find themselves in.

But, none-the-less, watching those squirmy group-dates and two-on-ones play out with a super great guy, make it that much worth it, and The Bachelor has surely seen its share of close-to-perfect, or at least pretty decent, men on the show. Check out our dreamiest five Bachelors below and why we think they are worthy to be on the list.

Molly Malaney, Jason Mesnick

5. Jason Mesnick, Season 13: Mesnick originally appeared on the fourth Bachelorette season getting rejected by DeAnna Pappas before he could propose. Then, in his own season, he proposed to Melissa Rycroft, but changed his mind after becoming engaged and asked the other finalist, Molly Malaney, to give him another chance.

Mesnick got criticized for his actions, but he knew what he wanted in the end and he remains married to Molly to this day.

Matt Grant

4. Matt Grant, Season 12: For this season, The Bachelor went International by featuring an Englishman as the star. Grant’s accent and British flair was enough to make all of the contestants shamelessly drool all over him. On top of that, he was super-good looking and ultra rich.

He believed in his final choice, Shayne Lamas, even after the other girls questioned her motives, proving he was the ultimate hopeless romantic.

Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudic

3. Sean Lowe, Season 17: Lowe first gained popularity after being dumped by Bachelorette Emily Maynard. Girls soon became crazy about him and he was seen as a true prince charming. He was authentic from the get-go and broke the heart of every girl he sent home on his season.

He ended up choosing Catherine Giudici as his bride and the pair couldn’t be cuter together. A million “Awwwwws” could be heard around the country as the adorable couple got married on live TV this past January.

Prince Lorenzo Borghese

2. Prince Lorenzo Borghese, Season 9: Borghese’s long-list of famous ancestors range from a Pope to the sister of Napoleon Bonaparte, enough to make any girl salivate with the hope of becoming his princess. The Italian-born stallion is the son of royalty while his grandmother was the founder of the famous Borghese cosmetics line.

Needless to say, he was a big catch for all of his Bachelor contestants. He did chose one girl in the end, Jennifer Wilson, but he did not propose, opting instead to try for a relationship with her. Sadly — or not — it didn’t work out.


1. Andrew Firestone, Season 3: Now this guy was like the real God’s gift to women. Not only is Firestone the grandson of the man who founded the super-huge Firestone tire company, but he’s also a successful, good-looking dude with incredible charm. His 25 bachelorettes were easily wooed by him and he certainly broke a lot of hearts on his season.

To add to his list of credentials, Firestone’s dad is the creator of one of California’s biggest wineries and breweries.

So… is your favorite Bachelor on this list?

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