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Survivor: Cagayan Interview With Brice Johnston — “Jeremiah Wood Is A Cockroach”

March 06, 2014 01:59 PM by Ryan Haidet


The self-described “fabulous” Brice Johnston found himself on the ugly end of the vote as the Beauty tribe sent him packing on the latest episode of Survivor: Cagayan.  During my interview with Brice, he didn’t hold anything back as he fired off hilarious comments about his fellow castaways — mostly without referencing any of them by name.  He weighed in on why the tribe targeted him so early and also explained his very funny story about how he actually applied to be on the show.  You’re gonna dig this one, folks.  Dive in and enjoy!  Oh yeah, follow me on Twitter, too, @RyanSurvivor for loads more exclusive Survivor updates.

Question: What’s your take on Jeremiah today?  Do you still have any frustration toward him?

Brice Johnston: I’m sorry, who are you referring to?  I don’t even know who you’re talking about (laughs).  Not worth my time.  Clearly they made a bigger mistake than they realized because nobody on that tribe had a social game like I would have had.  I definitely think they’re backing themselves up into a wall, but we don’t know.  We’ll have to see what happens.


Question: I know you don’t want to say his name, but I gotta ask.  You compared yourself to a butterfly at Tribal Council.  What insect would you label Jeremiah as?

Brice Johnston: Jeremiah would definitely be a cockroach.

 Question: Why did you become such a fast target at the Beauty tribe?

Brice Johnston: I definitely helped around camp.  I definitely was great in challenges.  I think I came as a surprise to my tribe.  I think they believed I was going to be the fourth girl on the tribe.  I think LJ was definitely threatened by my personality. …  I’m a lover of the game, Survivor.  I was thinking the team needs to stay strong.  LJ is not that great of a social player, I mean, he talks to horses all day, but he’s great at challenges.  We wanted to keep him around for at least another challenge so we would be that much closer to a merge if a merge was coming.


Question: Is that all that made you a target?

Brice Johnston: Look at them.  I was the most beautiful and fabulous that Survivor has ever had.  I just think the two country people (Jefra and Jeremiah), they just kind of stuck to what they know.  I think when they first saw me, they thought this gay guy is gonna be like another girl.  So when they actually saw that I was physical, that I was strategic, I was funny, I was cute, I think it blew them out the way.  The horse whisperer was definitely concerned about that.  LJ talks to horses all day, so he doesn’t have a social game.  I think he knew I would be a threat and he wanted to target me. …  Camp life, was for the most part, OK.  I was the funny guy at camp.  When we would go to sleep at night, they would want me to tell them stories.  I made camp life really enjoyable.  I was the water boy.  I went and got water every day.  I cooked up “Cousin Brice’s Rice” every morning, afternoon and night for my tribe.  I think my tribe was so taken aback that here’s this gay guy who’s actually stepping up and being a man.  Like, oh my God.  I don’t think that they thought that this gay guy was actually a man.  But I am a man and I can hold my own, despite being fabulous.  I think I definitely took them by surprise.


Question: Why were you so tight with Morgan?

Brice Johnston: The Beauty tribe without Brice is like Survivor without Jeff.  That being said, if you’re not with me, you’re against me.  Morgan is my girl.  I’m team Morgan!


Question: Did your tribe know that LJ had found the hidden Idol?

Brice Johnston: I had suspicions, but I was not in that alliance so they didn’t want to share anything with me.  I definitely had suspicions that LJ had the Idol because during the storm when we were all together, LJ was missing for a considerable about of time.  What else is he doing?  There’s no horses out there, so he can’t be talking to horses (laughs).


Question: That storm we saw was intense.  What exactly was your tribe doing throughout it?

Brice Johnston: Our shelter did not hold up so we had to walk around the island trying to find the best shelter we could.  So we literally huddled around the well all day — literally all day and all night.  We tried to rebuild our shelter again a little bit.  It was miserable.  The most miserable I’ve ever been in my life.


Question: Did you like the three-tribe twist this season?

Brice Johnston: Being a fan of Survivor, I love it when they do the three tribe division because it makes the game so much more interesting.  However, myself, I don’t think I fared well because I was on a tribe with country people that automatically cliqued and I was like the black, gay man out.  So they targeted me.  It didn’t stand well for my gameplay, but as a fan of the show, I think it makes it so much more interesting.


Question: What was your take on the situation involving J’Tia when she snapped and destroyed most of her tribe’s rice in the fire at the Brains camp?

Brice Johnston: I love J’Tia.  If you’re on Survivor and they’re telling you that you’re getting voted off next, you’re supposed to just sit there and enjoy the rest of your night?  No!  I would cause some raucous as well.  I don’t know if I would pour the rice into the fire, I probably would hide the machete, hide somebody’s sneakers, pee on somebody’s Buff (laughs).  I don’t know that I would actually burn the rice.  But hats off to J’Tia, you’re telling me I’m getting voted off, I got another thing coming!


Question: How did you get selected to be on the show?

Brice Johnston: I’m a huge fan of the show.  A year and a half ago I went to an open casting call in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  I waited four hours in line.  I got in front of the camera and I froze up.  I was like, “Uh… My… Name… Is… Brice…” and they were like, “Thank you, goodbye.”  Gervase from season one and Blood Vs. Water was there and he said, “You know what they’re looking for, try out again.”  The season before Blood Vs. Water they put the little blippet at the bottom that said, “Send in your videos to CBS.com.”  So I stayed up all night, had a couple glasses of wine, and I actually recorded a three-minute video.  I e-mailed it to CBS.  However, my e-mail was saying the file was too big and I could not send the whole file.  So I just said forget it and sent only 45 seconds of my three-minute video.  I guess the Survivor gods aligned and the story is history from there on out.


Question: Were there any former castaways you tried to model your strategy after or did you go into season 28 just trying to be yourself?

Brice Johnston: I was definitely being myself, but I was modeling my game after Cirie Fields.  Cirie is somebody that you don’t think of as phsyical, but she played an outstanding social game.  So that’s what I was really trying to model myself like.


Question: We didn’t get to see too much of you on the show, so what do you want the fans to know?

Brice Johnston: I am fun.  I am super fabulous.  I am definitely athletic.  I am a die-hard Survivor fan.  The little clips of me that you got to see are me.  I’ve got a big mouth, I like to be the center of attention.  I’m just fun and outgoing.  Being on Survivor, when I got eliminated I was so funky I could not wait to take a shower.  I was like, I never want to smell like this again!  So when I got home to Philadelphia, I actually started my own fragrance line.  It’s called “Fragrances by Brice Izyah,” and I have a fragrance coming out, it’s a perfume for the ladies, and it’s coming out this spring.  I’m so excited about it.


What are your thoughts on everything Brice had to say?  Do you think he was fabulous?  Are you sad he was voted out of the game so early?  Do you think he ever had a real shot at winning the entire season?  Sound off and leave a comment in the section below!

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3 Responses to “Survivor: Cagayan Interview With Brice Johnston — “Jeremiah Wood Is A Cockroach””

  1. Betty Wyren Says:
    March 6th, 2014 at 5:13 pm

    Personally I liked Brice. Having said that, I think they were stupid to vote him off, but then again he was part of the beauty team, So far the Brain team is not thinking so why should the beauty team be any different? Brice sorry you couldn’t have played longer I think you would have gone far.

  2. Nil Says:
    April 10th, 2014 at 8:23 pm

    I can not stand ugly people that think beautiful. You’re ugly, very ugly, accept it. There’s nothing fabulous. You look poor and should become a drag queen to use enough makeup and try to be less ugly. Kisses.

  3. Tom Says:
    April 16th, 2014 at 8:58 am

    I love Brice, CBS should definitely bring him back!!!


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