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Kanye West Extremely Generous In Prenup With Kim Kardashian

March 08, 2014 12:00 PM by Lisa Princ


If you happen to keep up with the Kardashians or Kanye West on Facebook and Twitter, then you already know that Yeezy will do whatever he can to keep his princess Kim Kardashian happy, even if it means signing a prenup although he didn’t want to. And despite Kim’s horrible track record when it comes to marriage, Kanye West is being very generous. Details inside…

Kanye West originally did not want to have a prenup with Kim Kardashian, but it looks like Kim Kardashian got her way, again. According to our friends at Radar Online, West and Kardashian are just about to wrap up their prenup, and Kanye is being very generous (or he is hopeful that they won’t divorce).

So, just how generous is West being? Well, for starters, for every year that Kim Kardashian is married to West, she will get $1 million dollars, capped off at $10 million, should they divorce. The couple’s mansion will be in Kim’s name, even though sources say that Kanye paid for it. And get this – Kanye reportedly has a life insurance policy in the amount of $20 million dollars, which Kim will be the beneficiary of, even if they divorce. Okay, that’s just strange, don’t you think?

“The entire process for the prenup for Kim and Kanye has been extremely easy, and relatively drama free. Kanye didn’t even think the couple needed a prenup, and was ready to give Kim carte blanche to all of his financial assets. Yes, he loves Kim that much. There is a huge difference from Kim’s prenup with Kris Humphries… the preparation of their agreement went on for several months. It was long and tedious,” the insider went on to say.

Meanwhile, anything Kim makes from appearances, the show, or her clothing line will remain hers only. West is reportedly worth about $100 million, while Kim is worth $40 million, so why on earth did she need a prenup? As usual, it’s all about the money with her.

What do you think of Kanye West’s generosity? Comment below to share your thoughts with us!


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One Response to “Kanye West Extremely Generous In Prenup With Kim Kardashian”

  1. JCB Says:
    March 10th, 2014 at 9:41 am

    Nothing surprises me with this greedy whore. 20 million in life insurance. I am sure she is already planning his demise. Mansion in her name. 1 million a year for being married. How did this whore get discovered? OMG I am sick when I ready this shit. She is the most self absorbed untalented piece of shit walking the planet .. however, a very wealthy one. She knows she is losing ground. Soon no one will even remember her fat ass or her name. WHAT A GREEDY WHORE.


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