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Should Andi Or Clare Have Been Named The Bachelorette?

March 11, 2014 12:00 PM by Anna Sanclement


During the After the Final Rose special that followed the Bachelor’s season finale on Monday night, it was finally revealed that Andi Dorfman was going to be the next Bachelorette. While this was rumored for some time, the possibility that another finalist could get the coveted position still existed.

Since Nikki got the final rose and agreed to have a relationship with Juan Pablo even though he didn’t propose, she was out of the running. This left Clare as the other most likely possibility to be The Bachelorette before the announcement was actually made.


So, if Andi hadn’t been picked as the next leading lady on the hit dating show, Clare could have definitely been the one. This leaves us with the question: Who do you think would make the better Bachelorette, Andi or Clare?

Andi was a fan favorite from the very beginning. She is likable, smart and obviously very pretty. She is outgoing and friendly, always ready for an adventure, but she won’t do anything she’s not comfortable with.

During a group date early on in the show, Andi was very reluctant to pose in the nude for a pet charity cause, but after a talk with Juan Pablo and realizing no privates would be exposed, she finally agreed. This showed Andi’s integrity and self-respect, while it also revealed her willingness to do something for someone else.

Andi is intelligent, attractive and funny, which really makes her an awesome catch for someone. She’s the embodiment of a producer’s dream pick for The Bachelorette. Some may even think she went into The Bachelor with the idea of getting chosen to be the next reality husband-seeker. But, she seemingly does have all the qualities that would make the perfect star for the famous dating show.


Then we have Clare. Yes, fans may feel bad for her because of the way she was treated by Juan Pablo, but, she did chase after him very blatantly throughout the season. Clare seemed very dramatic right from the get go, and she appeared to be practicing her acting skills every chance she got.

When she was in front of the cameras, Clare would often pose as if she was more concerned about how she looked, rather than what her conversation was about. She constantly flipped her hair, made sultry faces and puckered her lips in very unnatural ways.

These actions could point out that Clare was either advertising herself to be the next Bachelorette, or was hoping to be discovered as the next Hollywood starlet. Whatever the case, she never seemed truly genuine or original, but then again, one can’t really be too authentic when exposing themselves to the public on television.

However, if someone can appear veritable and have a great personality, they are automatically the perfect subject for a show like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

Were the producers right in picking Andi, or do you think Clare would have been the better choice?

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One Response to “Should Andi Or Clare Have Been Named The Bachelorette?”

  1. Tempest Says:
    March 12th, 2014 at 11:53 pm

    I have a single son and I always thought Clare would make a great daughter-in-law. I thought she was open with her feelings the entire time and I understood all of them. There was nothing wrong with wanting to spend more time with JP as they had REAL chemistry. Although I liked her at first, I saw red flags at the end with Andi. I think she could have made his life miserable with unreasonable demands and a hot temper. The worst though was Nikki, who failed to show a healthy attitude or social skills throughout the show, but whose alienation from the other girls drew her closer to JP. Why do so many of these “Bachelor” guys end up picking the worst girl??? The odds are against the success of this process, because they do not get to know each other well enough.


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