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The Bachelor: Juan Pablo And Producers Eager To Part Ways

March 11, 2014 10:00 AM by Stephanie Gustafson


The Bachelor is finally over — and the finale was every bit as awkward as fans were predicting on Facebook. Now that the disaster of season eighteen has come to an end, Juan Pablo says he’s “so done” with the show.

During yesterday’s final rose ceremony, Juan Pablo chose Nikki Ferrell, although he failed to get down on one knee and propose. Later, when he reunited with Nikki at the After The Final Rose special, JP still couldn’t bring himself to tell his lady that he loved her…and she continued to apologize for him. “I know that [Juan Pablo] does [love me]. I know that he cares about me a lot.”

Despite his refusal to profess his love for Nikki, Juan Pablo did make his feelings about The Bachelor quite clear. “We’re done with the show. We are so done.” The show’s producers share this sentiment, with one insider telling E! News, “Everyone on the show is just so over him and cannot wait for this season to be over.”

Fans of The Bachelor are also relieved that the drama is over. Many cheered on Sean Lowe as he voiced his disillusionment with Juan Pablo on Twitter (and set bets as to whether JP would say “it’s okay” more than 43 times). Catherine Giudici was also disappointed by the finale. She tweeted, “The fact JP didn’t propose is so far down on the list of why this season ended so horribly.”

Are you relieved that season eighteen of The Bachelor is finally over? Did Juan Pablo make the right choice? We know you have an opinion and we want to hear it, so feel free to sound off in the comments section below!


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2 Responses to “The Bachelor: Juan Pablo And Producers Eager To Part Ways”

  1. Ellarae Says:
    March 11th, 2014 at 4:53 pm

    I just have to comment that there must be quite a few of us out there in the public who are not buying how this show has treated Juan Pablo. My family and friends really enjoyed watching him on the show, and completey respected how he treated everyone (with the one exception of the Claire beach scene). The fact that he didn’t PROPOSE is apparently a problem for the producers, which is sad. Sean and Catherine are a joke to many people, as most assume he’s gay and they are taking advantage of the opportunities they’ve been given. That was very clear when Catherine stated, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”. I’m sure this couple won’t, and will milk it to the bank as long as they’re alive. You need to start respecting people, and get a host like Ryan Seacrest (who is very well liked, non-judgemental). Chris is terrible and so, so, obvious! He is not well liked by the public, and most likely the people on the show. He needs to be more objective and not so judgemental. He treated JP terribly, and disrespected his family – shame on him. And no, I am not hispanic, I am norwegian. And an “older successful lady” to boot. Please get your act together and support the couples who can’t make a decision in such a short time frame! You will have alot more supporters…

  2. Elisa Says:
    March 12th, 2014 at 9:44 am

    For those of the same opinion:

    Thank you for voicing an opinion that many intelligent people have about The Bachelor. The nastiness of Chris H.to Juan Pablo, the self-promoting women they hand-pick on the show and the revelation that it is HIGHLY unlikely that two people will meet in such a manner and create a real bond (let alone a successful marriage) was made clear on the final show. “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”??? Could it be more clear that Catherine has a monetary drive linked to the show (what a hypocrite she is). Juan Pablo was one of the most honest men to be on the show. Does ABC really believe that we believe the show is a true reality? NO, they don’t! But,they must believe that we are really stupid. We know that a couple of good relationships (marriages) have been ‘made’ as a result of the show but any intelligent person understands that the show is about a ridiculous situation and most results demonstrate that perfectly.

    So,why are the producers not very pleased(from given reports)at the outcome of this show??? The nasty, negative comments and audience reaction should please them. Would it be that they chose someone who might reveal a more honest side? However,I am sure that they won’t make that mistake, again and will continue in their insulting of the general public by revealing more about the ‘horrible’ choice that they made in Juan Pablo. But, as they missed a step by picking a straightforward man they will ‘double’ in their efforts in a search for the perfect contestant for the stupid and hungry hoard, not realizing they that have probably alienated a good portion of their audience.

    Juan Pablo had a linguistic barrier which was obvious. He should have been promoted more for his efforts of being in a different culture while trying to find a relationship than ‘highlighted’ for his inability to effectively communicate his feelings.

    More should be said about those girls who went after him as if they were on a street corner.

    Perhaps, ABC should try harder to find more intelligent women who really are after a real relationship and have a stronger command of English. (I am sure that I am not the only one who is very tired of hearing “like, awesome and amazing”).


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