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Renee Graziano Talks Mob Wives Season 4 And Tells Us Everything We Need to Know About “How To Use A Meat Cleaver”

March 14, 2014 02:38 PM by Christine McDow

Renee Graziano ,Jennifer Graziano and Lana Graziano at Planet Hollywood

Renee Graziano sat down with SheKnows.com own Elise Upperman to talk about season 4 of her hit show Mob Wives and her new book, “How To Use A Meat Cleaver”. If you think that title sounds exciting, keep reading to hear what she is thinking of calling her next couple of books! Renee was very excited to dish on the other ladies on the show and addressed whether or not there will be a season 5 of Mob Wives, and if she would be a part of it.

This interview with Renee Graziano was so much fun. She was in LA with her family and gave us an update about her father, stating, “He has been released, he is here with me. We are enjoying family time between my work. Our first time away with his three daughters in 14 1/2 years.” Awe, that gave us goose pimples. Very happy for Renee that her family is back together.

Renee was also asked about her favorite parts of season 4. She states that the headlock she put Natalie in, was her favorite, as well as her least favorite. She explained that it is her least favorite because she doesn’t like to see herself like that, and says that while viewers are only shown four minutes of what went down, that the entire situation lasted almost two hours. While she hates seeing herself behaving like that, she says that it was also her favorite moment because Natalie deserved it and that if someone else would have put Natalie in the headlock that it still would have been well deserved.

Renee was specifically asked what sets Mob Wives apart from other shows, like The Real Housewives. She responded by saying, “Other shows can’t compare to Mob Wives. Women on Mob Wives are dealing with more than housewives. Mob Wives puts real issues on the show where housewives don’t. Domestic violence, addiction, sexual assault, jail. Housewives fight over “catty things”.” She then points out that she is a VH1 loyalists and makes it clear that no one better ever talk negative about the wives from Basketball Wives or Hollywood Wives. Renee pointed out that Bravo missed the mark when it came to Taylor Armstrong stating, “I have had the pleasure of meeting Taylor Armstrong and what she endured was horrific with the loss of her ex-husband. That to me was real and to have caught that on camera would have been more touching than what they speak about. Touching on real subjects is very important.”

We knew everyone would be interested in the status of Renee’s relationship with Alicia DiMichele, and we got the answer, or at least what the answer was for the day of the interview. Recent buzz on Twitter hints that the status may have changed…already. Renee states, “Alicia and I have worked through most of our issues. As long as she doesn’t hold me responsible for outing her and her business on the show we will remain that way. What she does is her business what I do is mine. I own mine she needs to own hers.”

Will there be a season five of Mob Wives? According to Renee there is definitely going to be another season. Will she be there? She does not know. She is enjoying being disconnected from all the other ladies from the show and she is enjoying her downtime and working on herself.


If you ever wanted to know how to sneak meatballs into jail, Renee Graziano tells you in her new book, “How To Use A Meat Cleaver” as well as gives you many other cooking hints and tips passed down from generations. She teases us in the interview by stating that in 1991 or 1992, when her father first went to jail, the guards weren’t overly observant or worried about what the prisoners were doing. She says, “The guards didn’t think bringing in a meatball in a plastic baggie was the end of the world. [Friends and family] would leave them in the embankments outside the wall and people would collect them.”

Then showing off her book Renee states, “Mob Wives, season 5 be very afraid of me, because I am a pro with a meat cleaver.” (Could this mean she WILL be there for season 5?) She then says, “This is my greatest project to date. It is a way to pay tribute to parents for being amazing. My father might have been down and out and locked up for 14 1/2 years, but he never turned his back on me. I love my mom and dad extra.”

Renee Graziano and 'Big Ang' have dinner and a movie at KTCHN

Renee teases about the next two books in the series that they are working on “Sleeping With The Fishes” and “I’ll Make You A Pasta You Can’t Refuse”. ¬†She says in her infinite wisdom that, “We wanted to pass down our recipes into other peoples kitchens because when your family comes together, no matter how angry somebody is, you can still sit down and break bread, and that is really important. ‘How To Use A Meat Cleaver’ is more than just recipes, it’s a story, pictures, it is personal.” To purchase “How To Use A Meat Cleaver” and the next two books in the series, check out any retail store near you.

Good news! You can see the whole interview for yourself and get more juicy drama details and cooking tips from Renee Graziano in this video! Be sure you check out her dress and jewelry as well, from her own designer line, Mob Candy. Let us know what you think or just shout out and say hello to Ms. Graziano in the comments below.

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  1. September24 Says:
    March 16th, 2014 at 8:38 am

    Renee missed the boat on selling cookbooks. She should have capitalized on this in S1. She tried Jail Mail and Mob Candy and then spireled down to violence and foul mouthed. She has lost her fan base.


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