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Kanye West Gets Probation For Attacking Photographer

March 18, 2014 08:00 AM by Lisa Princ


Kanye West is known for his short fuse and his lack of love for the paparazzi, so when he attacked a photographer back in July at LAX, no one was really surprised. But while most of the Twitter world was hoping to see West face some jail time, that is not happening. Instead, Kanye is getting off with probation – and some anger management…

That’s right, folks. Another day, another celebrity gets away with something that you and I would not. Back in July, Kanye West was charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft when he went ballistic on a photographer at LAX. And now, according to the latest report from TMZ, West struck a deal and pled no contest to misdemeanor battery charges.

In return for his plea, the grand theft charges were dropped against Kanye. However, West was given 24 months probation, and after the 24 months, pending he keeps out of trouble, the charges will disappear from his record. West also agreed to 24 anger management classes, as well as 250 hours of community service. West was ordered to stay away from the photographer, and he must also pay for the photographer’s equipment.

Meanwhile, the site goes on to say that the photographer spoke in court, revealing that he felt Kanye should be sent to jail. He also dished about the emotional trauma he is still suffering from the attack, and claims that West may have attacked him to help promote his album.

We can’t say we didn’t see this one coming – we just knew West would get off without any jail time.

Do you think Kanye should have been given a harsher punishment for the attack? Join the conversation on Facebook and tell us what you think!


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