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Kris Jenner Stalked By Man Who Claims To Have Sex Tape Of Her

March 18, 2014 01:00 PM by Lisa Princ


Wait…we thought it was Kim Kardashian who was made famous by a sex tape? Who knew Kris Jenner had one too? Whether the Kardashian momager has a sex tape or not is unclear, but she does have a stalker who is threatening to share it with the world. Ugh, does anyone else feel sick now?

Seriously, the thought of Kris Jenner having a sex tape is beyond sickening, and luckily, the Kardashian matriarch insists that she doesn’t have one. However, one man claims that she does, and he is willing to use it against her! According to a new report by our friends at Radar Online, Jenner has been hit with a sex tape extortion plot!

According to a family friend, Jenner was approached last week by an unknown man, who claims that he has a sex tape of Jenner. However, Jenner blew it off thinking it was a joke, because she insists that she has no sex tape. “He called Kris more than one hundred times in the last seven days, from more than 100 different phone numbers. He uses scrambled cell numbers,” the source went on to add, claiming that the man is demanding that Kris pay up or he’ll release the tape. For the love of God man, do not release the tape!

And apparently, he is stalking Jenner. In fact, while Kris was out dining the other day, the mystery man texted her and asked if she was enjoying her meal, giving her the fear that he is following her. Needless to say, Jenner’s security has been upped while the family decides to what to do next. Ironically, just a month or so ago, both Kris Jenner and Rob Kardashian told fans on Twitter that they were both being harassed by unknown callers. Wonder if it is the same person?

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