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Survivor: Cagayan Recap — Big Fight Leads To Big Decision

March 26, 2014 06:44 PM by Ryan Haidet


The twist of Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty may have dissolved on Survivor: Cagayan, but a new battle has brewed — Lindsey vs. Trish.  As soon as the Aparri tribe returned to camp after Cliff was voted out of the game, the spat started.  Trish immediately started prodding Lindsey about having nowhere to turn in the game now that her alliance was dead.  Lindsey snapped back saying everything about Trish is annoying — including her laugh, teeth and face.  Sure, arguments happen all the time on Survivor.  It’s what happened next that got Jeff Probst involved.

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Trying to escape the drama, Lindsey stepped away from camp for some alone time — until Probst arrived.  He sat with her in the sand and asked why she had requested he come chat with her.  Without hesitation, Lindsey cut loose and dished all the details about her issues with Trish.  Saying she didn’t want to do something she would regret, Lindsey quit the game.  ”I need a million dollars more than anybody here and I can honestly say I can’t take it anymore,” she told Probst.  Her decision to leave the game was also a Survivor first.  Nobody has ever quit the game because of concern for something they might do later in the season.


She didn’t go back to camp, but instead had Probst break the news to the rest of the tribe.   “I do feel bad ’cause I kinda came down on her,” Trish said first.  ”But she got nasty.  She was mean.  Then she just walked away and I’m not the least bit surprised that she’s quit because she can’t live without Cliff.”  LJ compared it to a volatile zit waiting to pop, while Woo considered it a fresh start.  Well, yeah, he really doesn’t have anywhere to turn because his allies are both gone.


Camp Raid & Idol Clue Shenanigan

When the tribes arrived for the Reward challenge, the Aparri tribe was shocked to learn Lindsey had left the game.  Spencer, who has quickly become my top favorite this season, said he doesn’t appreciate the fact that anybody quit the game, but was OK with it because his odds got better without doing anything.  That’s why I like this kid.  He’s a true fan at heart, and the concept of somebody quitting just seems unacceptable.


After a rather slow-moving, slapping match, the Solana tribe won the Reward challenge.  Their prize takes us back to a regular component of Survivor: Pearl Islands when the tribes raided the other team’s camp.  Solana selected Woo and Tony as the representatives to partake in the raid.  Once they arrived at Aparri, Tony and Woo read a note that detailed their limitations in the raid to basically stop them from taking everything.  Because of that, it wasn’t even really a raid.  Tony and Woo left Aparri with their comfort (pillows, blankets) and fishing gear.

But even more?  They left the beach by leaving major disharmony behind by placing a target on Jeremiah’s back.  How?  Tony brilliantly took a clue he and Woo were given to a hidden Immunity Idol and openly handed it off to Jeremiah.  Although the clue was not for the Aparri beach at all, Tony realized how easily they could flip everybody against Jeremiah.


I admittedly underestimated Tony’s ability in the game before it began.  I thought he was an egotistical muscle maniac with no brains at all.  I was wrong.  Tony is a force to be reckoned with and I’m thrilled he’s on this season.  He’s one hell of a player and makes great TV.

When he came back to camp, Tony wanted to prove to his Solana tribemates that he’s trustworthy be revealing that he’s really a cop.  He also dished all the details about what they did to Jeremiah with the clue during the raid.  And he laughed the whole time he explained what went down.  LJ pointed out that to solidify he’s trustworthy, “Tony admitted he lied.”  Interesting how the game of Survivor works.  To flip on what Tony said, Trish joked to the group that she’s really a man before erupting into her scratchy laugh.  Ummm…  Weird.

Beauties Breaking Down

After losing the Immunity challenge, the Aparri tribe found itself facing Tribal Council.  While they had fractures in their own camp, they were united in their disappoint with Tony yelling his tribe made the final five after winning the Immunity challenge.  Sarah was especially pissed because Tony was supposedly her main ally.  Tony’s remarks made her think it was time to move on and find a new alliance.


Tony’s actions also parked something in Alexis.  She believed that Tony made that claim because Jeremiah would flip to Solana after the merge.  This ignited her desire to flush Jeremiah out of the game.

Trust was the main topic at Tribal Council.  The worries surrounded the idea that either Alexis or Jeremiah (or both) would potentially flip to the Solana tribe when a merge arrives.  When Probst revealed the votes, Alexis was blindsided by a landslide vote.  Her eyes bulged from her head with each flip of the parchment.  She never saw it coming and struggled to choke back tears as her torch was snuffed.


Another great episode!  I am really enjoying this season so far!  Next week, the merge arrives.  Much to my (nerdy) disappointment, the merged Buff color is black AGAIN!  It’s the most overused color to represent a merge tribe in Survivor history.

What are your thoughts on this season so far?  Are you disappointed Lindsey quit or do you think she made the right decision?  Who do you think is playing the best game so far?  Sound off and leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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5 Responses to “Survivor: Cagayan Recap — Big Fight Leads To Big Decision”

  1. Charles Vassilopoulos Says:
    March 27th, 2014 at 6:05 am

    Anyone who has watched survivor knows that winning the game brings out almost the worst in human character. Therefore, to win a person must be prepared for actions such as Trish’s. People even in their own tribe know that they are competing with tribe members as well as against members of the other tribe. Eventually the weak will be eliminated. Lindsay was not prepared to do what she had to do to win the million dollars. Maybe she could marry into money, it might be easier!

  2. Bob Says:
    March 27th, 2014 at 8:24 am

    Trish is not a good person. Really disappointed that Lindsey let her get to her, but I understand.

  3. Diane Says:
    March 27th, 2014 at 9:33 am

    I think Lindsay left the right way with out making matters worse. She had class just to leave well enough alone. I love survivor but is it really necessary to bully someone. Lieing and cheating is part of the game. But to intentionally hurt some one is bad.

  4. PLC Says:
    March 27th, 2014 at 2:32 pm

    Its a disgrace when anyone “quits”. Medical emergencies are a different story. However, to quit just b/c you can’t take it anymore is a shame and a waste of a spot that someone else could have taken. You can’t be a fan of the game and not realize that some folks are going to try to get under your skin and make you second guess your decision. It’s part of the game. Lindsay said she did not want her children to see her in a bad way – well then all she had to do was pull up her big girl panties and be an adult. Trish is no angle, but it was Lindsay who took the argument to a personal attack – telling Trish “I don’t like your teeth”, etc. Is Lindsay 12 years old or what? The Cliff blindside proved Lindsay out to be what she really is – a sore loser.

  5. Anne Says:
    March 28th, 2014 at 9:08 am

    I totally agree. Lindsay has no class. She should take a look in the mirror cos for a hair stylist her hair looks liken trash. I don’t see that Trish did any bullying, it was more the other way around. Trish just wanted to explain why they didnt stick to the 5 but wass interrupted by Lindsay.
    Morgan did the same thing when she called out Jeremiah and he didn’t act like a 12yr old.

    Lindsay repeatedly insulted her facial features because she lacked the intelligence to come up with a significant witty retort. Yeah Trish seems annoying but there’s no reason to start dissing the way someone looks if you can’t win an argument. And quitting cos she’s afraid she might do something she will regret was Jeff’s words. She said flip out. I detect some anger issues there.

    She taught her daughter to get personal when arguing and ton quit when thingsbget tough.


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