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Survivor: Cagayan Interview — Lindsey Ogle Unleashes Her Thoughts On Trish Hegarty

March 27, 2014 02:00 PM by Ryan Haidet


Does she regretting quitting Survivor: Cagayan?  ”Hell no!”  Despite her desire to stay in the competition, Lindsey Ogle, a hairstylist from Indiana, opted to remove herself from the game to prevent a possible physical showdown with her arch enemy, Trish Hegarty.  From the first day, the two never seemed to gel and it all ignited in an argument at Solana beach when Lindsey’s ally, Cliff, was voted out.  To escape the war of words, Lindsey walked away and sat in the sand away from camp.  When Jeff Probst arrived, she was ready to pull herself out of the game.  Today, I got to chat with Lindsey about her decision at length.  She stands by her move and became emotional at one point when discussing her daughter.  Although she did ultimately wish Trish the best in life, it didn’t stop Lindsey from dishing her true opinions of the woman she was moments away from scrapping with.  Plus, Lindsey also weighed in on a goofy YouTube video — see it for yourself inside this article — that’s circulating online that mimics Trish’s scratchy laugh. Enjoy!

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Question: How tough was that decision to quit and how long had you considered it?

Lindsey Ogle: It was one of the hardest decisions that I’ve had to make in a very very long time.  I’ve got a lot of responses whether they be positive or negative, but it definitely made a stir in all the forums and social media.  No one can really say anything about the situation that I haven’t already thought of.  I was gone for quite a long time (after the fight with Trish) and talking to myself out loud in anger trying to work things out in my head.  You have to find what’s right for that time.  I easily could have stayed.  That would have been the easier road to go down.  I knew, at that point in time, her and I were like fire and ice.  Something was about to happen and it wasn’t going to be good.  I had to make a decision and think about somebody else — and that’s my number one fan.  She’s 7 and she’s my daughter.  This is the first time I’m like broken up about it (pauses).  She’s all that mattered.  Out of the millions of viewers that watch the show, she was the one that mattered the most to me.  I didn’t care what the repercussions or the flack I was gonna receive.  If she would have seen me get physically violent with somebody else — especially a 90-pound woman much older than I am — it’s bullshit. …  You have to practice what you preach.  You’ve gotta show your children.  Nobody is perfect.  I’m not saying I’m mother of the year, look at me, I’m amazing, be like me.  When it comes down to it, you have to make the right decision.  A lot of people are asking me if I regret it.  Hell no.  I don’t regret it for a minute.  I regret that I let somebody get to me in that way.  I think I made the best decision and the most selfless decision that I could make — especially with my mindset the way it was.  I don’t regret it.


Question: If you didn’t quit that night, would it have gotten physical or could you have held off a few days?

Lindsey Ogle: She was relentless and you can’t fight crazy with crazy.  You see me going in on her and really telling her what I think.  She’s more of a verbal person.  I don’t think she could back up anything.  So I would feel really sorry if I were to like knock all of her teeth out.  That’s kind of her trademark.  You have to pick your battles and she wasn’t something I was worried about at that time.


Question: In the past, Jeff Probst has been rough on players when they quit Survivor.  But with you, it was different.  Why do you think he was a less harsh on you for leaving the game?

Lindsey Ogle: There are some people who are like, “Oh, that’s such a lame, weak excuse.”  You have no idea.  You obviously aren’t a parent because you haven’t experienced that unconditional love.  A million dollars would be amazing.  Anybody would love a million dollars.  Jeff and I were talking on the beach and we were kind of going back and forth.  I really really did not want to leave.  We were going through these crazy storms.  My toenails were falling off.  I blew my eardrum out.  I screwed up my hand.  If I wanted to quit, I would have quit on day one, I would have quit on day two, I would have quit on day seven when we almost died from a thunderstorm. …  I would have quit then.  I didn’t.  I wanted to compete.  I wanted to push myself.  I like to explain it to people like this.  It’s like a group of kids that are beating up a little kid on the playground, Trish is the skinny nerd in the background watching all of it and then when the kid’s almost unconscious, she’s kicking them in the face.  It’s one of those things.  When we came back to camp I told her she needed to chill out.  She kept digging and digging and digging.  She really did get a bit of camera courage to the point where she thought her poo didn’t stink.  We were in close quarters, I can tell you for a fact that her poo did stink.  Everybody’s did (laughs).


Question: Did you watch the episode?

Lindsey Ogle: I did.

Question: What went through your mind when you saw the writing in the sand that said: “Shame on you Lindsie.”

Lindsey Ogle: First of all, she (Trish) needs to spell my name right.  Honestly.  That’s what pissed me off the most.  Spell my name right, ya know?  Some one had asked me on Facebook or Twitter, “Why would you write that letter to yourself?”  I’m like, look at the name and then look at it again.  It’s not even spelled correctly.  It kind of shows Trish should be on the Brawn tribe instead of the Brains tribe.  Even when I’m gone, it’s that kind of shit.  I’m not dealing with it.  I think Trish knows she had to get me out because, in our tribe especially, I was the only woman who could physically compete.  Jefra is a dainty, little southern girl.  Trish’s skin is hanging off her bones.  If I were her, I would try to butter me up a little bit.  But that wasn’t her style.  I’m glad I did what I did because she would have been on the short end of the stick if I would have decided something completely different.  I hope she’s very glad that I have a 7-year-old at home — for the purposes of her health anyway.


Question: Is Trish well-liked by the rest of that group?

Lindsey Ogle: I’m assuming no.  There’s talk around camp constantly.  You have to edit all of these crazy, dramatic storylines into one cohesive episode, so it’s very hard to get every single little thing.  But I really feel like feelings were mutual.  Her and I were so intense that it kind of towered over the rest of them.  Even when I was talking to Jeff he could see it.  I said, “I’m gonna flip out on her, this is what’s gonna happen.”  He didn’t say, “That’s ridiculous, Lindsey.  I could never see that happening.”  He kind of gave me the look like, “Well…  Yeah.  I get it.”  I don’t want to put words in somebody’s mouth, but I think he was kind of vibing on what I was saying.


Question: There’s a video of Trish that’s circulating on YouTube that shows her head floating in darkness with her laugh echoing constantly.  Have you seen it yet?

Lindsey Ogle: Oh my gosh!  It’s my alarm clock in the morning (laughs).  Someone sent it to me (watch it for yourself below).  It is honestly the scariest thing I have ever seen.  If I were her, I would just rock that.  For what it’s worth, I would have little bobbleheads of myself and I probably would do the laugh where you could push a button and the bobblehead would talk.  She could seriously get rich off of that (laughs).  More power to her.  She’s a very marketable person with a lot of crazy qualities that people are entertained by.  That’s the reason she got picked for the show.

Question: What do you want Trish to know about you?

Lindsey Ogle: Absolutely nothing.  I think that she has her thoughts about me and I have my thoughts about her.  There’s just different strokes for different folks.  I think that we definitely are not a match made in heaven.  She can do her thing and I wish her the best.  I hope good things come her way.  I’m definitely not rooting for her, but I hope that everything goes well in her life.  I wanna live my life and be as cool as I can be.


Question: How tired of talking about Trish are you?

Lindsey Ogle: I’m really tired of talking about Trish just because it’s messing up my flow of what I want to do with my life.  It’s about rising above and taking it from here.  Even though I didn’t win a million dollars this time around, I’m using my experience with CBS and the show to raise as much money as I can for people who need it more than I do.  There’s an obstacle course I’m doing this summer to promote exercise, physical activity and being outside.  We’re doing some work for the women’s shelter in my area.  There’s a lot of things.  I might not have won a million dollars, but what I do with what I’ve been given, I hate talking about Trish and her teeth and her laugh and her face and her bones when there’s so much other cool stuff happening in my life.  So it is a little frustrating.


Question: After the experience you had this season, would you ever consider playing again or are you done?

Lindsey Ogle: Absolutely.  But I would have to apologize before.  ”Remember when I walked away last time and I was the bigger person?  It’s not happening this time around.”  I would be the most manipulative person you’ve ever met in your life just to see how it would work.  I say that now, but I know I would go out there with my integrity.  I certainly wouldn’t leave the way that I did.  They’re gonna have to drag me off the sand if that were to ever happen again.  I don’t think that it’s something like a door that’s been shut just because of the way that it happened.  I wasn’t like, “Oh, I’m cold.  I want a cheeseburger.  My lips hurt.”  It wasn’t some wussy thing.  It was more about the repercussions like getting arrested when you get home and charged with assault and battery (laughs).


Question: Let’s say they bring you back and the first person you see is Trish — and her teeth?

Lindsey Ogle: I say, it’s on like Donkey Kong.  I will kill her with kindness.  We could become best friends.  Honestly, if it’s a bunch of newbies, I would love to have Trish as a captain and me as a captain.  After this whole experience I think I’ve grown a lot.  I definitely know a lot more about the game than I ever knew before.  It definitely would be interesting.  But yeah, I would play with her.


What do you think of Lindsey’s comments?  Were you on her side in the argument or did you find yourself siding with Trish?  What do you think of the YouTube video of Trish laughing?  Sound off and leave a comment in the section below!

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