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Teresa Giudice Vs. NeNe Leakes: Who Is The Better Housewife?

March 31, 2014 10:00 AM by Cailyn Cox


We love the Real Housewives shows because they are jam packed with drama, catfights, fiesty arguments and hookups. And whilst it’s usually Bravo superstars Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump who steal our attention, this time we’re interested in Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes. And what we want to know from you is: who is the better person, Teresa Giudice or NeNe Leakes?


Teresa and Joe Guidice plead guilty in Federal Court in NJ

Teresa Giudice was born Teresa Gorga in Paterson, New Jersey on May 18, 1972. She was born to Italian immigrants and she can thank her family for her amazing kitchen talents and Italian cooking skills.

And you’d be wrong to think that Teresa is just a reality TV star because she’s also a talented writer with three New York Times bestselling cookbooks: Skinny Italian, Fabulicious! and Fabulicious! Fast & Fit. And if that is still not enough to impress you, then perhaps the fact that Teresa is also a keen businesswoman — she showcased her skills on Season 5 of the Celebrity Apprentice and she almost made it to the end — and a Berkeley College Fashion Marketing and Management graduate might win you over.

Teresa Giudice Raises Suspicion With Cash Only Book Signing

NeNe Leakes was born Linnethia Monique Johnson in Queens, New York, on December 13, 1967. Leakes makes Real Housewives of Atlanta worth watching because of her no-nonsense attitude and amazing self confidence but it’s not just reality TV that has made her a star. She’s also a really talented woman and great actress.

Fans loved the 46-year-old star when she made her way into Fox’s hit show Glee as the formidable Coach Roz Washington, but her career as a series actress did not end there and Nene has also starred in The New Normal.

Family Values

'Dancing With The Stars' rehearsals

NeNe may not have met her husband Gregg Leakes in the most romantic way, because she was rumored to have been working as a stripper when the pair met in 1996, but the couple fell hopelessly in love and were married the next year.

NeNe Leakes To Star In Cirque Du Soleil’s Zumanity

However, the Glee star’s romance has been dealt a hard blow on more than one occasion. Fans of the The Real Housewives of Atlanta watched as NeNe and Gregg went through a very emotional divorce in 2011. And although the couple may have once called it quits, there was still an undeniable connection between them, which caused them to reconcile and once again become husband and wife last year. This story really does have a happy ending!

And what about children? NeNe and her husband share one son together, Brentt, but the star is also mother to another young man, Bryson “Brice” Rashard Bryant who she shares with a previous partner.

Teresa and Joe Giudice in Elizabeth New Jersey

Teresa married her childhood sweetheart Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice and the two have remained happily married for better and for worse — their marriage has managed to survive major legal problems and alleged cheating rumors on Joe’s part.

Apart from Teresa’s highly successful business ventures and the fact that she is one of the most popular Real Housewives, she is also a loving mother and has four beautiful daughters Gia, Gabriella, Milania and Audriana, who she is very proud of. For the Giudice’s their lives are really all about family and Teresa has proven to be an inspirational mom, who might (although unlikely) be considering adding another child to her brood.

According to Us Weekly, in May the foodie revealed that her husband wants a baby boy. “We’re done [having kids]. We’re really done. A few of our friends had surrogate mothers … he knows I get the varicose veins, so he’s like ‘Hon, why don’t we get a surrogate mother?’”

“But I’m so old fashioned, I need to carry my own baby, so I can’t,” she continued. “If I had a problem of course, by all means, then do that, but I carried four, if I was going to have a little boy, I’d want to carry him.

Drama and more drama

Whilst Teresa may be a talented woman, her life has not been without it’s drama and we’re not talking about her fiery confrontations with her fellow costars here either. Teresa has been happily married to her childhood sweetheart and husband Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice but the pair have found themselves in hot water on more than one occasion and are currently going through a major legal headache.

In 2009 they filed for bankruptcy, but the situation then became far worse for the couple who are now facing 39 counts of mail fraud, tax fraud and bank fraud. And this is not something to take lightly, it is an indictment that carries a maximum sentence of 50 years.

Celebrities at NBC's New York Live studios

NeNe’s romantic life has been filled with heartbreak and turmoil, however, that is not the only drama that the reality star has a part of. In fact, far from it. There have been several vicious catfights that NeNe has found herself involved in and not just with costars but also with her half-sister Kendle, aka Kenya Sherman.

There is clearly no love lost between Kendle and NeNe, with the former has slammed her sister for being a liar and user, with enough skeletons in her closet to fill a small graveyard. Kendle has even tweeted messages saying, “[NeNe] HAS MORE SKELETONS THAN A GRAVEYARD ‘You Neva Gone Win When You Dirty’ Live by ya words u talked bad on us 1st. Ppl who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” (sic)

Nothing like a little family drama to boost the series ratings! Vote and let us know which housewife you think is the better housewife!


NeNe Leakes Cha-Cha-Cha
Teresa Giudice Might Get Probation

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3 Responses to “Teresa Giudice Vs. NeNe Leakes: Who Is The Better Housewife?”

  1. njgirl57 Says:
    April 1st, 2014 at 4:30 am

    Teresa “Wrote” cookbooks? The woman that can’t say “ingredientses” or “cumin”? Obviously ghostwriter. No talent. NeNe acts- real talent. Teresa is underhanded and a con artist. NeNe is “tell it like it is, whether you like it or not”. I’ll take talent and honest over fake, immoral and stupid any day!

  2. THE TRUTH!!! Says:
    April 1st, 2014 at 5:57 pm

    She does not have a “ghostwriter” as you put it. She has a coauthor, and her name is in bold print on the front cover of all of her cookbooks.

    And since you want to talk about Teresa’s legal troubles, Nene has been in jail repeatedly. Google that.

  3. NOODLES Says:
    April 21st, 2014 at 11:56 am

    Who would be a better HUMP, I think Teresa the dikes are going to be all over that hot snatch. Love to get my hands on her before she goes to jail after she will look like shit and age bad in the can.


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