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Vote! Who Is The Worst Parent: Kris Jenner Or Bruce Jenner?

March 31, 2014 07:00 AM by Anna Sanclement

Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner

The Kardashians never fail to offer countless stories full of dramatic entertainment and dysfunctional fun. Of course, the whole family contributes to the turmoil, but it all had to begin with the parents. While both Kris and Bruce Jenner are each as far as the other from getting parent of the year awards, one has to be worse than the other, right?  So, with all the controversies and stories that the pair have generated, which one do you think takes the cake when it comes to worst parent?

Elton John Academy Awards Viewing Party

Let’s begin with Kris, the powerful matriarch of the famous family, who also manages her daughters’ professional socialite lives. The latest with Kris is that she, like her daughter before her, has a sex tape to there. It’s not bad enough that she somehow let the said sex tape out, but she’s actually denying the tape exists now, after previously confessing to it. She is also supposedly being extorted for the tape by some crazy stalker.

Kris Jenner Involves Police In Sex Tape Scandal

Additional reasons that would make Kris the worst parent include tons of gossip stories, including all the rumors about how she makes her daughters into her personal money-makers. One such story claimed that Kris actually coached Kim Kardashian to make her infamous sex tape so she could be featured in countless headlines.

Plus, there are also the rumors about how she treated her now estranged husband so terribly and cared more about money and business than Bruce himself.

Klhoe Kardashian And Family Have Lunch

Then, there is Bruce. While he has publicly remained more in the back burner, he still has his own share of drama. His most recent controversy is the rumor that he may be transforming himself into a woman. Increasingly appearing more feminine and having undergone a procedure to shave down his Adam’s apple, many think Bruce is getting ready for a sex change.

While changing his gender may not affect his parenting skills, if that’s indeed what he’s planning, it wasn’t very fair of him to drag his wife and family through a life that was a lie to him. But, even if that’s not what Bruce wants to do, the fact that he’s had so many plastic surgeries over the years, kind of may suggest he’s overly obsessed with his looks.

Bruce Jenner In Hiding

His constant worry about keeping the wrinkles away, probably took much needed attention that should have been given to his kids. A prime example is Bruce and Kris’ younger daughters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner. The young sisters have been appearing all over the Internet with skimpy bikinis and revealing outfits, rivaling their older sisters in their attention-getting antics.

The Kardashians may be rich and famous now, but their problematic lives and constant controversies are a sign that the parental units were not very efficient in raising the kids. Both Kris and Bruce share the blame in their family failings, but tell us, which one of the two do you think makes the worst parent?

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