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Survivor: Cagayan Interview — Sarah Lacina Discusses Her Shocking Elimination

April 03, 2014 01:00 PM by Ryan Haidet


Fans are gushing praise for this week’s episode of Survivor: Cagayan after a wild Tribal Council brought two hidden Immunity Idols into play before a big blindside.  Sarah Lacina, the castaway on the bad end of the blindside, discussed that shocking moment with us in an interview Thursday.  While saying she doesn’t hate Kass McQuillen for switching sides and voting against her, she did declare that the two of them will never have a friendship outside of the game.  She also weighed in on Tony and revealed which castaway she believes is playing the best game (it just might surprise you).

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Question: Going into Tribal Council, what exactly was the plan for the Aparri six

Sarah Lacina: You saw us all talking in the water about voting Tony, LJ or Jefra.  As the six, we had agreed to vote out Tony.  So that was the vote.  I sensed completely wrong about him having an Idol.  Thankfully he pulled that out prior to the vote and we were able to switch.  Thankfully we had a backup plan to where we could just say “the other one.”  If we didn’t have that, we would have to name out loud or just guess what other people were gonna write down.  We would have really been in a mess at that point.


Question: When you first started to see your name pop up on the votes, what were you thinking?

Sarah Lacina: It shows me very confident that I’m safe and have all the power (throughout the episode).  I did have moments out there where I spoke to the camera about thinking this is a terrible position to be in (the middle).  Today I’m on top, but tomorrow I won’t be because I was the one person that was gonna make five people mad no matter what I did.  And if it’s not logical for me to flip, then how could it be logical for anyone else to when they don’t have any prior allegiance or alliance to the other tribe?


Question: When the two Idols came out, what was going through your mind?

Sarah Lacina: Once Tony had his out and he played it for LJ before LJ even pulled his out, I kind of wanted to wipe my brow and say, “OK, we dodged that bullet.”  Then when LJ all of a sudden pulled out an Idol, I was like, “Uh oh.  What are the chances he’s going to play it for Jefra?”  Sure enough, he covered Tony.  I was just ecstatic and I could hardly contain myself.  That’s why I didn’t really care seeing my name written down.  I didn’t think it was even possible that anyone would flip.


Question: Were you angry with Kass when you were voted out?

Sarah Lacina: Right away I was just confused.  I was shocked, so I was trying to figure out what just happened.  Once I got that part figured out, it was why?  Right away I’m thinking there’s a valid reason why.  The more I thought about it as the days would go on, it would just make me angry.  I was like, this is just dumb.  There is no rhyme or reason behind it.  It as just an emotional decision.  It had nothing to do with strategy and I wasn’t gonna let my emotions stand in the way of a million dollars because I didn’t get along with Kass.  But apparently she was willing to do that.


Question: This feud between you and Kass, it seemed to come out of nowhere.  Was this bubbling and brewing for a while or did the dispute spark on the beach when you were talking strategy?

Sarah Lacina: It had been going since the first day of the swap.  One of the first things she said to me was, “You better hope we win because otherwise you’re gonna go.”  I said, “Why?  You don’t even know me.”  She said, “Because we’re not letting six Brawn get to the merge.”  Right there was off-putting to me.  It would just be little things like that she would say.  Socially, she was not there.  It just festered, and when you’re on an island with people who you don’t know and you don’t know what they’re like, you may clash with some of them.  It just festers and it became a disaster between us.

Question: Is there anything you regret about the way you approached the situation with Kass?

Sarah Lacina: I definitely should have calmed down how adamant I was that the vote needed to be this or that and gone with the flow.  I was just worried if I didn’t make a move at some point, it would be too late.  Maybe last night was not the time to try to be so stubborn.  When you’re out on the island with people — we had been out there 19 days at this point — people just get on your nerves and whatnot.  It was just to the point where Kass and I didn’t like to be around each other.  Obviously it was gonna come to a head and, unfortunately, it happened at Tribal Council.


Question: It did seem as if Trish was a big contributing factor in your elimination.  What are your thoughts on that?  Do you feel like she’s underrated?

Sarah Lacina: People have been asking me what is surprising me the most.  It’s not the backstabbing and the lying that’s going on.  It’s how well of a game that Trish is playing.  In my opinion, she’s playing phenomenally.

Question: Were you aware she approached Kass to get her to flip?

Sarah Lacina: No.  I had no idea at all.  I had no idea when she would have even done that.  It was a total shock that it even happened.  From the edit, it seems like it was a very short conversation.


Question: At one point in a confessional, you acknowledged how much of a threat you were by saying that you would vote against yourself if you were them.  With that said, did Kass make the right move?

Sarah Lacina: No.  I don’t think she made the right move in the event if she’s trying to win the game.  I would say it is near impossible for her to win the game at this point.  Maybe I’m wrong and I’ll have to eat those words, but I think for anyone to flip, it would make it impossible.  Not just her.  Maybe if we got through one vote and then she decided to, then I would say that was a good decision.  But that was not the time to do it.


Question: Is Kass somebody you see ever having a relationship with outside of the game?

Sarah Lacina: No.  We are not alike at all.  Our values are completely different.  I don’t forsee Kass and I ever maintaining a friendship.  With that being said, I don’t hate Kass.  I’m not out to get her.  But that doesn’t mean we’re gonna be friends now.

Question: What are your thoughts on Tony?

Sarah Lacina: I was definitely blinded.  I put my trust in him and I thought he put his trust in me.  That’s definitely not the way it shook down.  Ultimately, were we gonna write his name down?  Yeah.  But that was after I was sold down the river for the top five that they had.  He didn’t do a good job at including me in that if he wanted to keep me close.


Question: When the merge took place, news of another hidden Idol with special powers was revealed.  We never saw anybody searching for it.  How much time was spent actually looking?

Sarah Lacina: We did search for it, and scoured the merge food for a clue thinking it was in there.  I was unable to find anything.  I’m not sure if anyone else did.  We always looked for Idols blindly without clues.  You’re walking by something, you look inside it.  Yeah, we looked for it, but we really had no idea where to look for it.

Question: What was your end-game strategy?  Who did you want to go to the final three with?

Sarah Lacina: Spencer, Jeremiah and I had a final-three alliance.  Who knows if that would have ended up coming down the line or not.  At that point in time, it would have been Spencer and Jeremiah.

Question: How did you get selected to be on Survivor?

Sarah Lacina: I’ve been a fan of the show for years.  Watching season 25 where Denise Stapley was the winner, Denise is from Cedar Rapids — the same town that I’m from.  I was like, “Wow, someone from this area can actually get on a show like this.”  I just found myself applying and before I knew it, I was speaking with casting and then I was on the island.  It really worked out well for me.


What do you think of Sarah’s comments?  Were you surprised she was voted out of the game?  Are you disappointed she didn’t make it deeper?  Do you think Kass made the right decision in flipping on her alliance?  Tell us all your thoughts by leaving a comment in the section below!

Photos: CBS

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