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Bruce Jenner Gets Sex Change Advice

April 04, 2014 09:00 AM by Lisa Princ


Here we go again! Just as the Twitter universe has seemed to quiet down about Bruce Jenner‘s possible sex change, new rumors have ignited once again. This time, reports claim that the former Olympian and Kardashian patriarch is getting advice from a sex change coach because he is still on the fence about whether or not to go through with the surgery.

A few months ago, Twitter and Facebook were on fire with chatter about Bruce Jenner getting a sex change, after the star stepped out looking a lot more feminine than usual. And for a while, the rumors seemed to die down, but they have been sparked once again. According to a new report by Star Magazine, Jenner has been getting advice from a sex change coach, as he is still considering going through with the surgery.

In fact, sources claim that Jenner went his old friend, Dr. Renee Richards, who was actually born Richard Raskind, but then became a woman back in 1975, for advice on whether or not to go through with it. And Bruce’s old pal actually had some very good advice for him, as she told him: “It’s a serious, life-altering procedure and is not something to do unless you absolutely have no other choices,” an insider told the magazine. Renee also suggested that Bruce try antidepressants first, claiming that Bruce’s life could become worse if he is not absolutely certain that he wants to go through with it!

Now it’s your turn to sound off! Do you think Bruce Jenner should go through with the sex change surgery? Or do you think there is another reason for his feminine looks these days? Comment below to share your thoughts with us.


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