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Five Worst Bachelorettes And What Made Them So Terrible!

April 07, 2014 06:00 AM by Anna Sanclement


After the roller coaster ride the latest season of The Bachelor has been, fans are probably counting the days until The Bachelorette premieres in just a few short months. So, in the meantime, we went back and picked the five worst Bachelorettes in the history of the show to make your waiting time a little easier.


1. Jen Schefft, Season 3. Upon breaking up with Bachelor Andrew Firestone after she won the final rose, Jen Schefft became the Bachelorette. But, she soon after claimed that doing the show wasn’t really a good idea for her.

When she got to her final two men after sending all others home, she went ahead and rejected them both, not getting engaged to anyone. The worst, though, came when she told one of the finalists that they were better off as “friends” after the guy actually got on his knee and proposed to her.

Bachelorette” star Emily Maynard

2. Emily Maynard, Season 8. Maynard seemed like a sweetheart when she competed for Brad Womack’s love on his second stint as the Bachelor. But, when she got to be the Bachelorette after breaking up with Womack, she was seen somehow differently by fans.

Rumors claimed that Maynard was very high maintenance and acted fake on the show. She reportedly pretended to be sweet and innocent, when she was really a fame seeker who just wanted to be on television.


3. Meredith Phillips, Season 2. Meredith’s second season of The Bachelorette went pretty well and she chose someone in the end, although they broke up shortly after. However, some viewers were later upset when Phillips revealed she was an alcoholic and had lots of issues.

While being an alcoholic is not necessarily the reason why Meredith was criticized, the fact that she went on the show advertising herself as a catch for all 25 men was. Some suitors may have had second thoughts about continuing on the show if they would have known more about her issues.

Ashley Hebert

4. Ashley Hebert. Season 7. Okay, so Hebert was not that bad, but we had to put her on the list for having fallen for one of the worst contestants on the show ever; Bentley Williams. With the selection of nice men at her disposal, including her now husband J.P. Rosenbaum, Hebert had to go and fall for that one.

Williams was a big fraud, and so full of himself, he made viewers squirm with disgust when Hebert kept going gaga over him until he finally left. While, things got better after that, Hebert still managed to irk some fans when she had her second finalist, Ben Flajnik, propose to her before she let him know he wasn’t the one she picked.

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5.Ali Fedotowsky Season 6. While Fedotowsky was seen as a friendly all-around girl by many, some fans claimed she was one of the most self-absorbed Bachelorettes on the show. She has been accused of wearing too many yellow outfits by Metacritic.com and for laughing at her own jokes too much. Fedotowsky also spent a lot of time crying over meaningless things and being too emotional.

While she was right to be mad at one of the contestants who admitted to having a girlfriend, the way she went after him was somewhat catty. She followed him around a hotel courtyard yelling at him to tell her why he did what he did and to explain himself to her before leaving.

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