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Survivor: Cagayan Recap — Goofiest Idol Hunt Ever!

April 09, 2014 06:09 PM by Ryan Haidet


After last week’s crazy Tribal Council, could Survivor: Cagayan get any better?  In one word: YES!  A pair of awesome challenges, former allies clashed and there was the wildest hunt for a hidden Immunit Idol ever seen.  With just six weeks left until the big finale (Wednesday, May 21), this epic season is edging closer to declaring the winner — and I’m on the edge of my seat!!!

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Brains Vs. Beauty

Right off the bat, a war of words sparked between Kass and Morgan over something as simple as retrieving water for the tribe.  This ignited a firestorm of harsh confessionals.  Kass compared Morgan to a dying dog that does nothing more than sit around.  On the flip side, Morgan said Kass has likely been ignored all her life and she be used to it before calling her a bitter, ugly old lady.  Not enough?  Morgan went on to explain that Kass likely hates her because she’s cuter.


Secret Idol Clue? I Think Not!

LJ, Spencer, Jeremiah, Morgan and Jefra won the rigorous Reward challenge.  Their prize was a trip away to what Jeff Probst labeled as a “Survivor-themed Outback Steakhouse” where they gobbled up steaks, desserts and plenty of mixed drinks.  Everything looked scrumptious.  There’s a word I don’t use ever.  Scrumptious.  Hmmm.  Random.  I know. Anywho, Spencer gushed about the food and pushed his manners out the window as he gorged himself on all the goodies.  When the time came for him to wipe off his greasy fingers, Spencer discovered a clue to the hidden Idol wrapped in his napkin.  Talk about luck of the draw.  Had he selected a different seat, somebody else would have discovered that clue.  Once the Reward winners returned to camp, Spencer secretly read his clue and rushed to the woods to search for the Idol.  But he wasn’t alone.  Woo was lurking in the woods watching his every move.


As Spencer packed up and moved away from the spot he was digging, he bumped by Woo and acted as if he was just going for a walk.  Here’s where it got goofy.  Spencer had taken off his pants to get in the water in his Idol search moments prior.  When he left that particular spot, Woo picked up Spencer’s pants to give them back when the Idol clue fell out.  Without hesitation, Woo took off through the woods like a bat out of hell with the clue in his possession as Spencer chased him along the twisted path trying to reclaim it.

Crazy Idol Search

Woo brought the clue back to his allies and they were off to hunt for the Idol.  When Spencer returned back to the shelter, he gathered his group and they dashed away on the #MadTreasureHunt (yes, another annoyingly silly suggested hashtag).  Hilariously, all 10 castaways were searching for the Idol at the same time while spying on each other to make sure nobody else found it.


As Kass babysat Spencer’s every move, he spotted the Idol buried in the hill right in front of his face.  When she took her eyes away for a split second, he snatched the Idol and stuffed it into his pants.  After reading the clue attached with it, Spencer realized he found a normal Idol — not the one with special powers that Probst has labeled in pre-game interviews as the “Tyler Perry Idol,” which can be played AFTER all the votes are read.  I’m still not a fan of having that much power attached to an Idol.  I’m sure it will ultimately deliver a big, jaw-dropping blindside that will have me, and many other fans, eating our own words.  But we shall see.

Torturous Challenge & Tribal Strategies

The tip-toe torture chamber challenge was an awesome endurance battle that, surprisingly, lasted more than 90 minutes.  Despite her solid state for most of the competition, Tasha surprisingly dropped out and gave Spencer victory.  Way to go!  I think America held their breath until he won.

Back at camp, things got really weird as Spencer and his allies hoped Kass would be crazy enough to flip again.  The main goal?  To get Tony out of the game.  With that in mind, Spencer approached his former Brains ally and asked her to join in their vote.  Kass wasn’t immediately opposed to the idea, but had some thinking to do.  Amazingly, Kass, the biggest backstabber thus far, became a critical swing vote yet again.

At Tribal Council, we had to sit through several painful moments where Morgan talked about her good looks.  Moments later, her pretty boobs face was voted out of the game when Kass chose to stick with her new alliance of six (Tony, Jefra, LJ, Trish, Woo).  No surprise.  Although she is definitely unpredictable, it didn’t make any sense for Kass to swap sides in this instance because her vote for Tony would cause a tie.  Plus, she would have thus stabbed all of the remaining castaways in the back and reduced her odds of winning so much more.  For once, I think she made the right choice.  Do you?


What are your thoughts on tonight’s episode?  Did you think Kass was going to flip again?  Are you sad to see Morgan go?  Who is your pick to win the entire game?  Sound off and leave a comment in the section below!

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