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Why We Never Ever Want To See Kris Jenner’s Sex Tape!

April 17, 2014 06:00 AM by Cailyn Cox


Move over Kim Kardashian, your moms the real porn star! Or is she? The news that Kris Jenner has a sex tape somewhere out there is undoubtedly a rather terrifying thought. The story that the Kardashian matriarch allegedly made a steamy tape in the Beverly Hilton hotel has been making all the headlines over the last couple of weeks. And someone known only as “Troy” is threatening to expose that tape, the question we have to ask here is: why?

OK, obviously this extortionist named Troy is a greedy little fella and wants to get his grubby mitts on a million or two. But, who in their right mind wants to watch Kris Jenner getting down and dirty? Is one Kardashian sex tape scandal not enough to last us for an entire lifetime? Actually, make that two lifetimes!


If any one would want to get their hands on the 58-year-old reality TV star’s sex tape it would be porn mogul Steve Hirsch, right? Wrong! Not even Hirsch wants to see Kris naked — although, he wasted no time in 2007, when he released her daughter Kim’s 2003 X-Rated antics with her ex-boyfriend Ray J.

Kris Jenner Stalker Plans To Sell Sex Tape

Hirsh previously revealed his thoughts about Kris’s sex tape to Radar Online, saying, “As of today, I have not been approached by anyone with any tape. If it exists, and I don’t think it does, bring it to me. I’ll buy it and hand it right back to Kris.” And we can’t help but agree with the Vivid Entertainment boss’s sentiments.


The fact that Kris is a mom to six kids would make watching her sex tape a very awkward affair, and it’s a little gross too. She has been accused multiple times of being the star of a not-so-secret video, but seeing her in a compromising position with… there’s an even more disturbing thought. Who could Kris be involved in a sex tape with? Could it be Bruce Jenner? Not to mention the fact that she is such a high profile and influential mother figure, she should really be striving to serve as inspiration to others. And call us old-fashioned, but we prefer to think of a mother as a wholesome, strong, nurturing and dignified individual.

Kris Jenner Involves Police In Sex Tape Scandal

Wait, not only is she a mother. Heck, she’s also a grandmother! Should we keep listing the reasons why we never, ever, want this alleged sex tape to be leaked?


Of course, we can’t rule out the fact that the whole sex tape debacle could all be a lie. It could be a publicity play by the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star herself  — although she has denied the existence of any naughty tape  — or “Troy” could be just trying his luck and assuming that since one Kardashian made a sex tape, they all have!

Vivid Entertainment Wants Kris Jenners Sex Tape

Even TMZ, apparently wants nothing to do with this nonsense. “Troy” was reportedly hoping to sell the “sex tape” to TMZ, who have denied they would have anything to do with it.

The gossip site said: “It’s not true and besides, it’s not up our alley.”

Regardless of whether there is a Kris Jenner sex tape out there that’s causing the momager some major nightmares right now, no one deserves to be harassed and extorted.  The man behind the rumors, the extortion and the excessive phone calls (over a 100 a day) should really be behind bars.

That said, we’d love to know what you think about the possibility of a Kris Jenner sex tape? Would it be hilarious? Hot? Or just plain gross? And brace yourselves, because the nudie rumors aren’t done yet… apparently a spread in Playboy is next for Kris?


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Photo credit: Kris Jenner Instagram

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