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Kris Jenner Still Getting Slammed By Her Sister

April 24, 2014 11:00 AM by Lisa Princ


Kris Jenner and her sister don’t seem to get along well, and everytime a new tabloid story pops up about Kris, so does her sister Karen Houghton. Recently, Houghton accused Jenner of drinking heavily to deal with her separation from Bruce Jenner, and she is at it again, still slamming the Kardashian matriarch. Good times…

There definitely does not seem to be any love lost between Kris Jenner and her younger sister, Karen Houghton, who recently accused the Kardashian matriarch of drinking due to her marital demise. And now, Houghton is at it again, bashing Kris Jenner, according to Radar Online. Speaking to Radar, Houghton made it perfectly clear that she feels that Kris Jenner could be doing more for her less famous side of the family, especially Jenner’s own mother.

“My mom could have anything she wanted, considering if I had three Bentleys, Mercedes, clothing lines. But, when you express a loving family and family values and a close family and my mom wants to live in La Jolla, buy her a condo, Kris! I don’t understand her. I never will,” Karen explained. But while Houghton definitely feels that Jenner could be doing more for their elderly mother, she did acknowledge that Kris does take care of her children and grandchildren very well.

That, however, does not excuse her for how she treats the rest of her family. Houghton blames it on the money. And one thing is certain, if Jenner’s sister every became rich, she would not live the same lifestyle as the infamous momager. Instead, Houghton said: “If it were me, I would open up an animal shelter or something. Who cares about an $80,000 purse when you can open a domestic violence shelter?!” Yep, we completely agree!

Most of our Facebook fans agree that Jenner is one person most of us love to hate, but does she really deserve to be bashed by her sister?

You tell us! Join the discussion on Twitter and share your thoughts with us.


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