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Kanye West Wants To Turn Kim Kardashian Into A Fashion Icon

April 29, 2014 09:00 AM by Lisa Princ


Kim Kardashian has always had a love of fashion, but with some of the ensembles that she has donned in the past, most Twitter fans hardly think of her as a fashion icon. However, Kanye West is out to change all that! In fact, not only is he trying to push Hollywood to accept his lady love, but he is also pushing Kardashian further into fashion. Talk about a control freak!

Ugh, can we make these two just go away already? As if trying to shove Kim Kardashian into the world of Hollywood, where she clearly has no place, was not enough, Kanye West is now trying to turn Kardashian into a fashion icon. According to a new report from our friends at Radar Online, West has been forcing Kardashian to start studying high fashion. “Kanye truly believes Kim can be the next Coco Chanel if she puts her mind to it,” one source explained. Yes, you can stop laughing now, although we know it’s hard to.

And it gets better! Apparently, Kardashian will do anything that West wants her to. “Kim Kardashian has spent the past year quietly and secretly educating herself on the subject of ultra-high fashion at Kanye’s behest,” the insider dished. Can you say conrol freak? Will Kanye ever stop trying to shove Kim Kardashian down everyone’s throats? Probably not as sources also claim that Kanye wants he and Kim to become a billion dollar couple. Someone please make them go away!

What do you think of Kanye West trying to turn Kim Kardashian into a fashion icon? Could it happen? Join the discussion on Facebook and tell us your thoughts!


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