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Survivor: Cagayan Recap — Auction Chaos

April 30, 2014 06:12 PM by Ryan Haidet


I have always loved the Survivor auction.  I find it completely entertaining to watch the starving contestants impatiently spend hundreds of dollars on various foods instead of waiting for the expected advantage item.  It’s also one of the most frustrating elements to see supposedly smart players waste their cash when they could ultimately bid on something that could help them last longer in the game.  This season’s unpredictability continued as several castaways didn’t spend a dime and got into an interesting situation when the special advantage popped up.  Damn!  I love this season!

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Going Once…  Going Twice…  Sold!

This was, by far, the most strategic Survivor auction ever.  Here’s how it all broke down.


  • Trish spent $80 for popcorn, candy and a soft drink.  The group “ooooed” and “awwwwwed” as she sank her teeth into a gummy.
  • Jefra snagged a heaping plate of chicken quesadillas with guacamole, salsa and a margarita for $100.  It was a risk bid, too, since Jeff Probst kept the item covered during bidding.
  • Kass got a huge bargain by buying a covered item for $20.  It was a steak sandwich and iced tea.  It actually looked pretty disgusting, but it didn’t stop Kass from chowing down.  ”I would have devoured that right there,” Tony said from the sidelines.
  • Trish purchased the only zonk when Probst revealed that she spent $60 on a bowl of rice and a glass of water.  As some of her tribemates giggled about her bidding blunder, Trish said, ”I can still bid, I have more money,” before questioning the others for being so stingy with their cash.
  • Probst called the next buy the best bargain ever in Survivor auction history when Woo won ribs and beer for $40.  ”It’s just immaculate all in my mouth,” Woo said before pornographic music chimed up as he and Probst talked back and forth as if they sensually were making love to the ribs.  Funny and awkward.


Finally, Probst asked Tony, Spencer and Tasha why they hadn’t jumped in to bid on anything as the rest of their tribe soaked up big bargains on great food items.  Without keeping their plans a secret, each of them admitted to the group they were waiting to bid on an expected advantage item.  Probst felt like there was no reason to hesitate any longer and pulled out the item they all waited for.  Tony immediately raised his hand and bid all $500.  But Probst stopped him in his tracks.  It wasn’t that easy.  If there was more than one person bidding the maximum, they would all draw rocks to determine who would win the advantage.  Tony and Spencer made the max bid, but Tasha, who had been holding out for the advantage, chose to not bid anything.  Strange choice, Tasha.  It was a nail-biter of a moment as Tony picked the winning rock, giving him the advantage.  Spencer, on the flip side, spent $500 and won himself a white rock as a souvenir.

It was such a refreshing auction to see more than one castaway thinking with their brain instead of their belly when making their bidding choices.

Another Idol Hunt

When he opened the advantage clue privately back at camp, Tony learned there was ANOTHER Immunity Idol hidden in play since Spencer played his at the previous Tribal Council.  Although he didn’t find it right away, Tony eventually dug the Idol up, giving him two — a regular Idol and the special Idol.  Oy!  Instead of keeping it a secret, Tony showed his allies the Idol to make a conscious effort to hinder any thoughts they might have to vote him out of the game.


Selfish Spencer?

At one point in the episode, Kass labeled Spencer as the most selfish creature on the planet — a college-aged male.  I think the exact opposite is true.  Kass made the most selfish move in this game so far by turning on her alliance to play, well, for herself.  Survivor is a selfish game and to label Spencer as the most selfish type of person out there is a bit hypocritical.  Point proven?  Kass also said she was fine with Tony being the martyr for the team at the auction by not bidding on any food to take a shot at spending all his cash on the advantage.  Selfish?  Kass?  Take a look in the mirror.


Battle Of The Sexes

Tasha won Immunity for the third time in a row, proving she’s definitely a challenge force to be reckoned with.  As a result, the majority alliance moved to plan B, which involved voting Spencer out of the game.  Not so fast…  Tony’s paranoia kicked into gear once again because he was concerned that voting Spencer out would put him in the gender minority by 4-2.  So what to do?  Tony’s new target was Jefra after Spencer told him that she was willing to vote him out of the game.  Tony believed it and asked Spencer and Tasha to vote with him and Woo.


Buh-Bye Beauty

Tony continued his unpredictable nature by pulling out one of his Idols and putting it around his neck at Tribal Council.  He wanted to make sure the women didn’t think it would be smart to form an all-female alliance and vote him out of the game.  Despite his Idol threats, Tony didn’t play it as Jefra found herself on the bad end of the blindside.  Trish and Kass stared at each other dumbfounded that they were fooled again.  Hell yeah!


What an awesome episode!  Smart strategy and big moves.  This is one of the greatest seasons we’ve had in years.  Don’t you agree?  With only a few episodes left before the finale, who do you think is best-suited to win the show?  Who do you hope doesn’t win?  Sound off and leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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2 Responses to “Survivor: Cagayan Recap — Auction Chaos”

  1. steelerbob Says:
    May 1st, 2014 at 7:32 am

    Tasha did not hold out for the advantage, she bid and was outbid earlier, so she really wasnt holding out like Tony and Spencer

  2. valencia Says:
    May 1st, 2014 at 12:50 pm

    As fellow citzen from Kentucky, Sorry to see that Jethra was the latest player to get blindsided, but she really should have moved against Tony when she had the chance. I can’t blame Spencer or Tasha for using Tony’s paranoia to their advantage. Tony is a loose cannon and eventually, he’s going to snapped big time!!! The sooner they can get him out the game, the better!!


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