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Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott Spotted Out Together Amid Marriage Crisis

May 05, 2014 12:00 PM by Lisa Princ


If you’ve been tuning in to True Tori each week to watch Tori Spelling deal with her husband Dean McDermott’s infidelity, then you’re likely wondering if the couple will be able to save their marriage. And while we may not find out the answer before the reality show wraps up, it appears that they may be on the road to reconciliation, as Tori and Dean were spotted out together recently looking like a happy couple!

Could they have repaired their marriage that quick? Twitter and Facebook fans have already shared their frustration with Tori Spelling for allowing Dean McDermott back in their home so quickly after the infidelity, but it appears that the couple may already be on the road to fixing their marriage. In fact, according to E! News, the couple were spotted heading for a couples massage this past weekend, looking like a happy couple again.

According to one onlooker, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott held hands while they were out and about, and even appeared to be: “very sweet and affectionate.” After the massage session, the couple then headed to lunch at The Infield restaurant in Encino, without any children in tow. It definitely sounds as though they are working toward saving their marriage, and some much needed alone time could be just what the couple needs right now.

Meanwhile, Spelling looked much better than she did last week, after she was released from the hospital and looked very thin. However, rumor also has it that the star has not been eating much since the news of McDermott’s infidelity. We certainly hope Tori takes care herself, no matter what the outcome of her marriage is.

What do you think of Tori Spelling’s marital crisis? Will she and Dean be able to save their marriage? Or should the couple call it quits? Comment below to share your thoughts with us!


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