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Candy Spelling Finally Speaks Out About Tori Spelling’s Marriage Crisis

May 06, 2014 10:00 AM by Lisa Princ


Like most viewers of True Tori, who have been watching Tori Spelling deal with her husband Dean McDermott’s infidelity, we’ve been wondering where the heck Candy Spelling has been during all of this. Well now, Candy Spelling is finally speaking out about her daughter’s marriage crisis!

Since the news broke about Dean McDermott cheating on Tori Spelling, Twitter and Facebook fans have been wondering where Candy Spelling has been, as she seemed to be no where to be found during her daughter’s time of need. Some fans even speculated that Tori’s recent hospital stay was a cry for help to her mother. Well, if Tori was hoping to get her mom’s attention, she got it, as Candy Spelling recently admitted that she has been watching Tori’s story play out on True Tori.

Appearing on the Today show recently, Candy Spelling admitted: “As a mom, you don’t want to see your children hurt in any way and I have to say that it’s painful for me to watch it.” However, Candy did not say if she has been there to support her daughter, but she did seem okay with the fact that her daughter likes to share her life with the world. “I think that they feel that they need to share it with the audience,” Candy Spelling went on to explain.

Now the big question is: Will Candy Spelling be there to support her daughter emotionally? We’ll just have to wait and see y’all!

What do you think of Tori Spelling’s marital crisis? Will she and Dean be able to save their marriage? Or should the couple call it quits? Comment below to share your thoughts with us!


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One Response to “Candy Spelling Finally Speaks Out About Tori Spelling’s Marriage Crisis”

  1. Trish Says:
    May 6th, 2014 at 2:43 pm

    Tori and Dean are professional actors… This whole thing is probably made up so they could have another show. Hollywood is only about making money.


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