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Survivor: Cagayan Recap — “I Have A Special Idol”

May 07, 2014 06:36 PM by Ryan Haidet


Chaos Kass?  More like crazy Kass.  Her bad hearing and fast assumptions sparked a fight with Tony on tonight’s Survivor: Cagayan.  Although he wasn’t making any negative remarks about her whatsoever, Kass believed she overheard Tony call her a bitch while asking Spencer and Woo to vote her out next.  It was a discussion that she obviously misheard.  Instead of trying to determine what actually happened, Kass flipped her lid and went after Tony, declaring she was going to vote him out.  ”You write my name down and you’re going home,” he argued before revealing to the entire tribe that he found the special Idol.  It was another kooky episode with yet another big blindside.

I will be at the finale once again, which arrives on Wednesday, May 21. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @RyanSurvivor for behind-the-scenes tweets. Thanks! 

When it came to the fight between Tony and Kass, one viewer tweeted me the funniest line of the entire night:

Thanks for the laugh!

New Allies

The Reward challenge proved to be a cool battle of puzzle destruction and rebuilding.  The winners, Spencer, Kass and Woo, were taken to a local elementary school to serve as Survivor ambassadors of good will by delivering supplies. Oh yeah, they also got to chow down on burgers.  Spencer admitted that he’s not really a kid person, but ultimately loved the experience at the school.  Woo, on the other hand, was great with the kids.  He gave them a full martial arts show and a complete basketball performance.  ”I really like Woo a lot more,” Kass said after watching his personality with the children.  It was a moment she used to try and form a new alliance with Spencer and Woo to flush out one of the Idols that Tony claims to have.  The plan?  To split the vote between Tony and Trish.  That way, if Tony plays an Idol, Trish would go home instead.


Woo Caught In Lies

Despite battling with the decision to flip sides, Woo ultimately agreed to work with Kass and Spencer.  Tony, who was worried about Woo being, well, wooed to the other side, started questioning the strategies that were discussed when he was away at the Reward.  This is where Woo’s poor game play was laid out in the open.  He said that Spencer and Kass did in fact talk strategy with him with their plan to target Tasha.  That’s the best you could come up with, Woo?  Huh?!?!  Tony didn’t buy it for a second because he didn’t understand why Spencer would want to vote against somebody who was his own ally.  Bad lie.  Terrible lie.


Counting Woes

A counting-based Immunity challenge very reminiscent of something we’d see on Big Brother took nearly 30 minutes to complete, which Spencer eventually won.  Back at camp, the plan was in place to split the votes between Trish and Tony.  Tasha, meanwhile, began acting as if she was complacent with being voted out next.  Her acting was awful and Tony caught on immediately.  He realized she wasn’t scrambling in true Tasha style to stay alive in the game.  He felt it was proof that something was turning against him.


Cold Feet

Realizing Tony may be the most hated castaway, Kass started to wonder if it was smarter for her to keep him until the end of the game.  Why?  Her hopes were that nobody on the jury would want to vote for him to win the game — just like Russell Hantz.  She even approached Woo with the idea that maybe they should stick with Tony to vote Tasha out of the game.  But what if the jury puts bitter feelings aside and decides to vote on who played the best game overall?


Bag Of Tricks

Tribal Council chatter completely surrounded Tony and his bag of tricks, which he claims is filled with two Immunity Idols.  Before the votes were made, the group’s consensus was that Tony’s claims need to be challenged and his Idols need to be flushed out as soon as possible.  But that’s not what happened.  Kass and Woo flipped back to their alliance with Tony and Trish to help vote Tasha out of the game.  When her torch was snuffed, Spencer found himself completely alone in the game facing Tony with two Idols.  Ugh!  So disappointing.


Were you surprised to see Tasha voted out of the game?  Do you think she could have won?  What do you think would have been the best move for Kass and Woo?  Are you tired of Kass or do you appreciate her style?  With only five castaways remaining in the game, who do you think has the best chance of winning?  Sound off and leave a comment in the section below!

Photos: CBS

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