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Ramona Singer “Embarrassed” By Her Wine Glass Throwing

May 08, 2014 11:00 AM by Megan Thompson

This week on The Real Housewives Of New York City we saw Ramona get even crazier than normal.  Let’s just say the Berkshires didn’t agree with this city gal.  And when Kristen ruined Ramona’s blow-out for a second time – Ramona reacted by throwing a wine glass. Find out what Ramona has to say about her behavior after watching it play out on TV.

Ramona loves her blow-outs and when they get wet – she reacts.  For the second week in a row, Kristen ruined Ramona’s hair by splashing it with water.  Gasp!  But this week it was even worse because it was dirty pond water!  As Ramona was peacefully enjoying her pinot in the canoe, she was unaware that Kristen was listening to her gossip.  So Kristen thought she would playfully splash all the ladies in the canoe.  BUT – Ramona wasn’t laughing!  If you missed the wine glass throwing, take a look at the clip:

Facebook and Twitter were abuzz with comments about this incident, but now Ramona is talking about it in her Bravo blog. And believe it or not – Ramona regrets her knee jerk reaction. “When K totally drenched me in water I had a knee jerk reaction, tossing what I had in my hand. My intention was not to hit her or harm her in any way,” Ramona wrote.

Ramona also wrote that the glass was plastic, which was quite surprising. Ramona must have quite the arm to break a plastic glass on someone’s face. Are you surprised that Ramona regrets her actions or are you more surprised she wasted a good glass of pinot?

Let us know what you think about messing up a good blow-out? Are you on Team Kristen or Team Ramona, let us know!

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Video And Photo Credit: Bravo

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