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Survivor: Cagayan Interview — Tasha Fox Dishes On Tony Vlachos

May 08, 2014 02:00 PM by Ryan Haidet


Fans on multiple forums were pushing for Tasha Fox to win Survivor: Cagayan.  Unfortunately, their hopes were dashed when she found herself on the bad side of the vote at the latest Tribal Council.  In my interview with Tasha, she expressed her appreciation for all of the fan support, defended her decision to keep J’Tia in the game as long as she did and revealed why she didn’t align with Spencer earlier on.  Plus, what does she think of Tony and Kass?  Who does she think is playing the best at this point?  All that and more inside this interview!  Enjoy!

I will be in the audience and on the red carpet for the finale, which arrives on Wednesday, May 21.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter @RyanSurvivor for behind-the-scenes updates.


Question: So many fans were on your side and hoping you would win.  How does it feel to have so much fan love?

Tasha Fox:  It made me feel good, but I was sad because I knew what was eventually going to happen.  I was like, “Man, they are gonna be so disappointed in me.”  They’ve shown me a lot of love.  I hope they enjoyed watching me play.  I really feel like I did everything I could to get through the game.  I think I did pretty well, but I’m sorry to let the fans down.


Question: Did you know at Tribal Council that you were the real target?

Tasha Fox: I wasn’t necessarily aware, but I had prepared myself.  I was resting my game on Kass and Woo.  If I were to put a lot of stock in them, too, I would have been kidding myself.  I was 100 percent prepared, hoping for the best, but expected the worst.  It wasn’t really a blindside as I prepared mentally for it.  So, I’m good.


Question: Looking back, is there anything you think you could have done to convince the tribe to keep you?

Tasha Fox: I ask myself for future reference if I’m playing the game, “What could I have done?”  Honestly, I think I did the best I could with what I had — which was pretty much nothing from the beginning of the game.  I drew from my own inner strength and my own skills to make my way through the game as far as I could.  It’s hard when you don’t have a tight alliance to make it all the way to the end.  So, unfortunately, here I am.


Question: You and Spencer did a great job winding through the majority alliance when you were likely going to be long gone.  Why do you think Tony chose to stick with his own alliance instead of targeting Kass this time?

Tasha Fox: Tony is probably smart to keep Kass around.  She’s the only person in this game that actually does not have a chance to win.  I would never expect Tony to target Kass.


Question: When Tony told the tribe he had found the special hidden Immunity Idol, did the rest of the group believe him?

Tasha Fox: After Kass and Tony’s big fight, where he said, “I found the special power Idol,” I knew he was telling the truth at that point.  One thing about Tony, if you push the wrong buttons or the right buttons, he’ll tell you exactly what you want to know.  He’s done it before.  When he said in the tone that he used and the way he looked at Kass, it was like, OK, he’s telling the truth.  But what he didn’t know, what he did keep to himself, is what that special power was.  Just the fact that he had it was enough to make me overly nervous.


Question: Tony didn’t buy your acting when you tried to portray your complacency with being voted out.  He wasn’t convinced because he believed you should have been scrambling.  What is your take on his reaction?

Tasha Fox: I could understand him making that comment if I had been on the chopping block for the last three or four weeks and I had scrambled every week.  All of a sudden, I wasn’t scrambling?  But I just came off of three individual Immunity wins.  I had no need to scramble.  The only time I was on the chopping block was when Morgan went home.  At that point, I wasn’t scrambling either.  I had made my farewell speech to the group, trying to use reverse psychology.  Never in the history of Tasha on Survivor have I scrambled.  So for him to recognize a made-up trend, whatever.  OK, moving on.  So, yeah, no.  That’s a non-factor.


Question: Your last Immunity challenge was based entirely on counting multiple items, which would seem to be a very simple task.  But it took you guys forever.  Why was that challenge so tough?

Tasha Fox: There was a huge storm on day 31 with 85 mph winds.  We hadn’t eaten or drank in two days because all the wood was wet.  We couldn’t get the fire started.  So, a challenge as simple as running back and forth and counting was very difficult given the circumstances we had been facing for the last two days.  I’m an accountant, so surely I could count in a challenge, but with the other circumstances of no food, no water and running back and forth, it was a lot to deal with.


Question: Rewinding way back, was it a mistake to keep J’Tia as long as you did?

Tasha Fox: Absolutely not!  Had our group gotten rid of J’Tia, it would have put Spencer and Garrett in the driver’s seat.  Those two would have had the authority to say, “On the next vote out, do we keep Tasha or do we keep Kass?”  So, to me, it was a no-brainer — no pun intended.  I’m not gonna let my fate rest in the hands of Spencer and Garrett.  I’m gonna control my own fate, so I kept J’Tia.  I wasn’t willing to throw away a $1 million game for a $5 bag of rice.  Keeping J’Tia ensured that I had one more vote off before I would even be a target because she was so terrible in challenges.


Question: You didn’t align with Spencer early in the game, but you eventually found yourself tightly bonded with him the deeper you got.  Was that a real bond or were you just aligned with Spencer because you needed somebody on your side?

Tasha Fox: I’ve said this to Spence, “I wish I would have known you before day 7.”  I felt like he was Garrett’s puppet and everything that happened was through Garrett.  I didn’t really talk to Spencer until day 7 once he realized he was on the chopping block.  Had I known Spence on day 1 or day 3, man, we would have been like a dynamic duo working together for a common goal.  But at the end, it was more of, hey, we just want Tony out.  If he would have started playing from day 1 with me, yeah, we would have been allies throughout the game.  I love Spence.


Question: You said Kass has no shot at winning.  So, who do you think is playing the best game right now?

Tasha Fox: Hmmm.  That’s a loaded question.  I think Tony, in conjunction with Trish and Woo, is playing the best game.  Take from that what you will.  Tony is playing hard, but he’s so successful and comes off so great because he has two great role players in Trish and Woo.  Woo will do whatever you want him to and Trish will come from behind to clean up the mess.  Anybody that has two role players who know their roles and they’re sticking to it will look like a superstar.


Question: How did you get selected to be on the show?

Tasha Fox: This is the third time I applied for Survivor.  In my video, I said, “Hey, I’m Tasha.  I’m a triple threat.  I have beauty, brains and brawn.”  That was literally the first line in my video.  Honestly, I think my video was horrible (laughs), but I think the fact I said I have beauty, brains and brawn, unbeknownst to me that was the game,  may have made me stand out.


Question: Would you play the game again?

Tasha Fox: Absolutely.  If they asked me today, I would be on a flight in my dress right now to the island (laughs).


What do you think of what Tasha had to say?  Was she your pick to win?  Would you ever want to see her play the game again?  Do you agree with her that Tony is currently playing the best?  Sound off and leave your thoughts by posting a comment in the section below!

Photos: CBS

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