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Survivor: Cagayan Recap (With A Twist) — Strategy Firestorm

May 14, 2014 07:00 PM by Ryan Haidet


For the first time ever, I missed the first 20 minutes of Survivor.  Not because I was busy doing something else.  Trust me, I always make time for Survivor.  It is my Wednesday 8 .m. priority.  Instead, there was something far more serious happening that temporarily forced Survivor off my TV.  My local CBS affiliated opted to preempt tonight’s episode as severe weather — with potentially tornadic activity — swept through my area.  Yes, I get it.  Safety tops Survivor.  So, my recap will begin where Tony did his outrageous llama reenactment.  But because my coverage of the first 20 minutes is missing, I have a fun favor to ask you readers.  Jump on inside to check out my special twist for this episode’s recap!

Next Wednesday night, I will be in Los Angeles to sit in the audience for the Survivor: Cagayan finale.  I will be tweeting updates throughout the finale before heading to the red carpet to interview the final four.  Please follow me @RyanSurvivor for all those live tweets.  It will be fun, I promise!  Thanks!

Lend Your Thoughts

Here’s my promised twist to this recap.  Instead of waiting for this full episode to be posted on CBS.com so I could see the parts I missed, I thought it might be fun to ask you readers to recap the first 20 minutes in your own way by writing in the comments section below.  Be creative.  Have fun with it.  This is your shot to explain what happened from the episode’s opening through the Reward challenge.  Make it as long or as short as you’d like.  Enjoy!


Tony Vs. Kass

I started watching the episode moments after Tony unleashed his hilariously ludicrous llama impression during an argument with Kass.  The fight sparked after Kass told Woo that Tony had swore on his wife and baby that he was planning to take her to the final three.  Woo was devastated to hear the news because Tony, his main ally all along, didn’t make him the same promise.  Trying to smooth out the situation, Tony and Kass got into a verbal spat about their strategies.  Spencer saw this as an opportunity to push himself one step further in the game by working with Woo.


Much-Needed Immunity Victory

Although Tony had an epic lead in the Immunity challenge, Spencer pulled off an incredible comeback and won his second Immunity challenge in a row.  Yes!  I couldn’t be happier.  As a fan, Spencer is my pick to win.  ”This was a win of epic proportions,” he said in confessional.  ”My back was against the wall, I had to win, and I did.”


Back at camp, Trish couldn’t hold her cool any longer as she erupted on Kass having overheard her earlier talking about voting against her.  Trish was literally on the warpath — and it was great to watch.  I’m thrilled Trish put Kass on blast.  She nailed it on the head when saying that Kass likes to be a troublemaker but always acts like the victim.  It’s true.  I’m tired of it.  I know some viewers love how unpredictable Kass has been (and can be), but I think she’s a poor player.

Do We Have A Deal?

Trying to keep Woo on his side, Tony admitted to him that he did, in fact, swear on his family to take Kass to the end.  But despite that promise, Tony was vowing to stay true to Woo and Trish with a final-three deal.  At Tribal Council, Kass showed her ugly side by taking personal shots at Trish by calling her “psycho bitch” and a “wild, skeleton blue-eyed banshee.”  Yikes.  Before the votes were made, Tony reached into his bag of tricks again and pulled out both of his Immunity Idols.  He ultimately played the regular Idol, keeping the special Idol around his neck.  It didn’t matter.  When the votes were announced, Trish was the latest castaway voted out of the game.  Hell, even Tony voted for her.  As Trish had her torch snuffed, Kass gave her a middle-finger farewell.  Oy!


Now only four remain: Tony, Spencer, Kass and Woo.  Who do you think should win the game?  Find out next Wednesday (May 21) with the two-hour finale followed by the one-hour live reunion show in Los Angeles.

What are your thoughts on tonight’s episode?  Were you surprised by the outcome?  Leave your thoughts by posting in the comments section below.  And if you’re so inclined, please write your own recap on the first 20 minutes in the section below.  This could be fun!

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