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Survivor: Cagayan Interview — Trish Hegarty Calls Kass McQuillen “Awful”

May 15, 2014 03:00 PM by Ryan Haidet


Although Tony promised her a final-three deal, Trish Hegarty was ultimately voted out of Survivor: Cagayan in fifth place.  During her time on the show, Trish had several big arguments and made headlines after joking that she was actually a man — which some fans took far too seriously.  In my interview with her today, Trish revealed why she was so loyal to Tony despite his lies, labeled Woo as a “weasel” for reasons she couldn’t disclose and unleashed her sharp tongue on Kass.  Plus, she talked about the viewers who question her gender and discussed the hilarious YouTube video showcasing her cackling, rotating head.

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Question: Is it tough watching yourself get voted out?

Trish Hegarty: I was at peace with it before I even got to the last Tribal Council.  It was a game of 18 people and only one person can win.  I would have loved to win the money, I could have really used it.  But I had a great experience.  Yeah, it was hard, but it wasn’t devastating. …  It was a great game.  I had a wonderful experience and made some unbelievable friends out of it.  It was a total win-win for me.


Question: Did Tony have any real conversations with you about giving you one of his Idols?

Trish Hegarty: He told me all along that he was gonna use that Idol for me if I needed it.  I think what went wrong is that Kass and Woo convinced Tony that there was no way he could beat me in the end.


Question: Tony did keep you out of his plans in several big moves.  Why did you choose to stay with him?

Trish Hegarty: I genuinely am a loyal person.  Tony and I got to know each other on a really personal level.  I really knew he was a stand-up guy outside of the game.  He really loves his wife very much, and his mother and his family.  I stayed loyal to him for a couple of reasons.  I started the game with him.  He told me all about the Idols.  So, if I bailed on him and went with Tash and Spence, I would have been like Kass.  I would’ve bailed on my alliance and been on the bottom of another alliance when I knew he had two Idols.  I knew he didn’t take too kindly to people going against him.  I thought my better choice was to stick with him.  It doesn’t mean I necessarily always trusted him, I just thought it was the better option for me.


Question: Did Tony actually give you the specifics of what his special Idol could do?

Trish Hegarty: By the time he was done talking about those powers, I thought this Idol could microwave food and I thought it could become a spaceship to get us out of there (laughs).  He did lie about the length of time it could be used.  He said that he could use it after the vote up until the final four, but he could really only use it up until the final five.


Question: Would you have ever turned on Tony and voted him out?

Trish Hegarty: It’s tough to answer that.  I’m a pretty loyal person.  I would’ve had a really hard time voting Tony out.  You know, I really like the guy.  We were frick and frack out there.  We were like a team.  That was the hardest part for me, having to put peoples’ names down.  You get to know them and you’re squashing their dreams.  I didn’t feel good about that.


Question: What did you think of Kass giving you the middle finger as you were voted out?

Trish Hegarty: I think it shows exactly who she is.  I think she lacks people skills.  I think she has no class.  I think she’s an instigator, an agitator.  I think she has no respect for other people.  She’s a crier, a whiner and a crybaby.  The fact that she got me voted off was enough, but to stick up your middle finger?  I’m the type of person, if I’m gonna give you the finger, I’m going to put right up in the middle of your nose between your eyes so you can see it came right from my hand.  I don’t do it behind peoples’ backs.  I think this shows exactly who she is.  Not a nice person.


Question: You had two big arguments this season.  One with Lindsey, the other with Kass.  Who is worse and why?

Trish Hegarty: They were both equally awful, but I can say that Kass was much worse to be around because she was such an antagonizer.  She loved stirring the pot.  She was talking about people like Spencer in college, calling me a goat.  She was just a freak.  She was just awful to be around.  When I snapped on her, there was no strategy behind that.  I literally just couldn’t take another second of her.  I just couldn’t.  She made my skin crawl.


Question: Is Kass really thinking she’s playing a smart game?  Does she believe she can win?

Trish Hegarty: She’s completely a delusional woman.  What she saw herself as and what she was, is completely different than 99.9 percent of the population.  She actually thinks she’s gonna win the game.  She actually thinks she’s a better player than Tony.  She actually thinks she made the best and biggest moves.  She even said in her interview, “I don’t need to play this game anymore.  I’m done here.”  That’s what she said.  You’re never done until the end.  She was awful.  She was just awful.  She’s the worst person I’ve ever met in my entire life.


Question: What are your thoughts on Spencer?

Trish Hegarty: He’s a great human being.  He’s one of my favorite people.  He’s just really easy to talk to.  He’s very well-read.  He’s extremely smart.  He’s not a kiss-ass.  If he doesn’t agree with you, he’ll tell you.  He’s something special, I can tell ya that.


Question: How would you describe each of the final four castaways using just one word?

Trish Hegarty: Tony = character.  Kass = awful.  Spencer = Spencer is a wonderful, wonderful human being.  Woo = weasel.


Question: I’m surprised to hear you call Woo a weasel because he seemed to be a critical part of your alliance.  Why was he a weasel?  What didn’t we see?

Trish Hegarty: I think weasel wasn’t the greatest word.  I really like Woo.  But he did something that I can’t talk about that showed me he’s a bit of a weasel.  I’m not allowed to talk about it.  I really like Woo, but I didn’t trust him all that much.


Question: You made a remark this season that got a lot of attention after you said you are a man.  Are you still hearing about it from viewers?

Trish Hegarty: I think I finally squashed it.  Literally people would inbox me, women would say, “I can’t tell, are you a man?”  I put on my Facebook, “For all you people that are gender confused, I am clearly a woman.  Did you not see my papayas?”  Are you kidding me?  What the fuck?  Of course I’m a woman.  I made the joke because everybody went around the circle admitting a lie they had told.  I hadn’t told any lies, so I just made that up as a joke.  I thought it was hilarious.  People just took it so real, which is actually scary.  I seriously want to come out with boxer shorts on scratching my imaginary balls just to see what people would say.


Question: Somebody made a three-minute video of your head slowly rotating with your cackle on a loop.  Did you see it?

Trish Hegarty: I thought it was a riot!  People always say they love when I laugh.  I didn’t realize my laugh was so annoying.  That cackling thing was pretty frightening.  I put it on a couple of my friends’ Facebook pages saying, “Wake up.”  If you get to know me, you learn I have a very very very good sense of humor and I have very thick skin.  If you recognize that about me, you could have so much fun with me.  These people that made these things of me, didn’t do it because they’re mean, but I think they thought I would really get a kick out of it.  I did!

Question: How did you get on the show?

Trish Hegarty: I tried for 10 years.  I put in like seven different tapes over the years or something like that.  I tried for a long time to get on this show.  I was out there for the $1 million.


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