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Survivor: Cagayan Recap – Season Finale

May 21, 2014 07:13 PM by Lisa Princ


Guess what time it is Facebook and Twitter fans? It’s the much anticipated season finale of Survivor: Cagayan! Was it Tony, Spencer, Kass or Woo who walked away a million bucks richer? We’ve got all the details inside…

Survivor: Cagayan kicked off the finale tonight as the final four were still in disbelief that they made it. Tony admitted that he felt bad about voting for Trish, while Spencer wondered how Tony’s idol would come into play. However, Tony revealed that it was nothing more than a bluff to the cameras, but not to his competitors – would it come back to bite him in the arse end? Meanwhile, Kass insisted that Tony is nothing more than idiot, and we were left wondering if she was on to something there.

Immunity Challenge
After an emotional visit from their families and some food of course, the final four were thrown into an immunity challenge. To make them even more nervous, the contestants’ visitors were also sticking around to watch the challenge. It was definitely a strange challenge as the final four has to pull up buckets of water, while sitting on some sort of pole, in an attempt to grab a key. The key opened a puzzle for the contestants to put together. Tony was the first one to grab his key, followed by Spencer and then Woo.


Poor Kass was stuck still fighting with the water buckets while the guys got their puzzles done. Luckily for Kass, the guys were still struggling with their puzzles when she was finally able to grab her key. Tony and Woo looked ridiculously uncoordinated with their puzzles, anyone else think so? Despite Spencer’s best attempt to get the puzzle put together, Kass beat the odds (and all of the guys) to walk away as the winner of the immunity challenge, which meant she got a spot in the finale.

Cue to Spencer whining about Kass winning, while Tony is moaning and groaning that he didn’t get a chance to wear the immunity necklace…please, give us a break with your whining boys. So, of course, Tony and Spencer get together and plot to turn on Kass and Woo, or at least Tony says he’ll think about it. Kass and Woo, however, vow to vote for Spencer, but how did it all really play it?

Tribal Council
Kass started off by gushing about her husband giving her the strength to win the challenge. Meanwhile, Tony revealed his disappointment that his wife was not there to cheer him on. Spencer couldn’t contain his chatter about how he would take Tony to the end and ask the jury not to vote for himself…wait, what? Tony was not sure that taking Spencer would be a good thing for him though. Would it end up in a tie? Votes are in. Tony then revealed his bluff, did it come back to bite him? Unfortunately, he played it well. No one voted for Tony. However, Woo did get one vote, but Spencer got three. Goodbye Spencer.

Kass is certain that she will be taken to the finale two, because both men feel they can beat her. Is she is right though? Woo says he will take Kass if he wins immunity.


Final Immunity Challenge
For the final immunity challenge, the final three had to navigate through a fence maze, where they had to hunt down medallions. One problem, there were roadblocks all over the maze. After getting four medallions, the finalists had yet another puzzle to solve – shocker, right? Kass took an early lead against the guys, but Tony and Woo quickly caught up and passed her by getting all of their medallions first. But, as the last challenge proved, Kass is awesome at puzzles. It was down to the wire as these three battled it out to get their puzzles done, but in the end it was Woo who took the win!

Tribal Council
Both Tony and Kass try to win over Woo, but he is torn on who to take with him. Woo tells Jeff Probst that he hopes they understand, hinting that he doesn’t want to hear any pleas from either of them. Way to get right down to business, Woo! In the end, Woo chose to vote off Kass, leaving he and Tony as the final two! Kass, of course, thinks that Woo just made a million dollar mistake! Did he? Woo insists that taking Tony just felt right, because Tony is just as strong as he is. Um, okay.


A Winner Is Crowned
Woo and Tony are amazed when they stumble upon a mirror and a scale, as both of them lost around 20 pounds or so. Tony kicks off by telling the jury that it was never anything personal against any of them. Sure. Woo then gushes that he gave 100% because of his mom. Hmm, is he trying to win them over with a sob story?

Time for some questions! Sarah is up first and tells Tony that her vow to him meant something, unlike his, and she is not sure she can vote for him. Jefra went off on Tony, calling him out on being a liar. She then asked him to admit he was a villain, or she would vote for Woo to win. Tony did admit, or at least that he was 1/2 villain. Jeremiah calls Tony out for always swearing on his wife and baby’s life, and asked if Tony does have a wife and child. When Tony admits to having a wife and child, Jeremiah is disgusted. Some feel that Tony played well, while others just thought he was a liar.

On to the part you all care about….the winner is…..

Tony Vlachos!

What did you think of the finale? Comment below and share your thoughts!


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