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Survivor: Cagayan Reunion Recap

May 21, 2014 08:05 PM by Lisa Princ


The Facebook and Twitter world were both shocked tonight to find out who won the much anticipated season finale of Survivor: Cagayan! And now, it’s time to find out what went down at the reunion special.

The Reunion special of Survivor Cagayan kicked off as Tony revealed that he was bombarded with hate on social media…hmm, now that’s surprising, huh? After dishing about his wife having another baby and ridding himself of parasites, Tony was grilled about voting Trish off. Tony explained that he knew keeping Woo would help him beat Spencer in the next challenge. Trish explained that she while she was initially hurt, that she and Tony have remained good friends. Meanwhile, Kass also said she and Tony are friends.

Sarah had some exciting news to share – she is expecting a baby! Congrats to her. Sarah said that her police instinct let her know that Tony was also a police officer. Interesting. Tony continues to insist that he had to do what he had to do to win the game, even if it was lie. Sarah, however, has forgiven Tony but she revealed that she and Tony are definitely not friends. Yawn.

Has anyone spotted our normal recapper Ryan in the audience yet? Still looking for you Ryan, hope you’re having a blast! Check out my full finale recap here!


As for Woo, the big question is – did he make the million dollar mistake? Not according to him. In fact, Woo still insists that he took the right person, the person who was stronger than him, which would have made a win so much more meaningful to him. Um, but you didn’t win Woo. Yeah, you made a million dollar mistake.

Spencer says that Tony operated a better game by going with his gut, which is something that Spencer feels he lacked himself. Jeff Probst then goes on to tell Spencer that he was really proud of the game Spencer played, especially since Jeff didn’t think he would get very far. Probst even wrote Spencer a letter as he had promised to do if Spencer won, even though he didn’t win. Jeff Probst rocks!

Cliff says that Survivor is definitely tougher than Basketball. Meanwhile, David says that he has no regrets. J’Tia says she was never going to go out quietly, as the audience boo’d her. Despite being voted off, LJ revealed that he is getting a lot of social media attention from the ladies.

After issuing Tony his check, it was time to find out about the new season of Survivor.  Next time around, Survivor will head to San Juan Del Sur, and it will be Blood Vs Water!

What did you think of the finale? Comment below and share your thoughts!


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