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EXCLUSIVE — Woo Hwang Nearly Medically Evacuated From Survivor: Cagayan

May 23, 2014 04:31 AM by Ryan Haidet


After winning the final Immunity challenge, Woo Hwang chose to take Tony Vlachos to the end of Survivor: Cagayan. It was a decision that ultimately cost him the $1 million grand prize as the jury gave victory to Tony Vlachos by a vote of 8-1. But his journey to the final two was close to being cut short prematurely as Woo says the medical team strongly considered pulling him from the competition after he took an epic tumble from the top of a tree. After the live reunion show, Woo talked with our own Ryan Haidet to discuss his nearly game-ending injury, defended his decision to take Tony to the final two, expressed his beliefs that he really thought he had a shot to win and capped off the interview with a big backflip. Watch the full interview inside this article.

Are you surprised by the severity of Woo’s fall from the tree?  Did you think he truly had a shot of winning the game?  Would he be a worthy returnee?  Sound off and leave a comment in the section below!

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