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Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott To Divorce?

May 28, 2014 09:48 AM by Lisa Princ


Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have been slowly working on their marriage, ever since Dean cheated on Tori late last year. And though they appeared to be making progress, or at least that is what we’ve seen on True Tori, last night’s episode revealed that their marriage may not make it after all. Are they going to end up divorced?

As the saga of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s crumbling marriage has been documented on True Tori, it appeared that the couple were slowly making progress. That was, until last night’s episode. After weeks of crying that she did not want Dean to leave for Chopped Canada, he finally changed his tune and told her that he was not going to go, as he wanted to stick around and work on their marriage.

However, at the very last minute, Tori decided that he needed to go for his career. What? All that crying and whining for nothing? We know, probably a stupid move on her part. Not only does that open him up to cheating again, but it also puts fixing their marriage on hold until he returns.

Meanwhile, many fans seem to feel the couple should split, and according to a report by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, divorce is most likely in their future. From what their sources claim, the only reason that Tori and Dean are even still together is for True Tori. They also claim that the couple is hoping the show is picked up for another season, and when it does get picked up (and Dean gets a contract), McDermott is planning to divorce Spelling.

Wait…shouldn’t Tori be the one looking to divorce him? Yeah, that is what you would think. Meanwhile, McDermott’s teenage son recently slammed the show on Twitter , claiming that it’s fake. Hmm, could the entire cheating scandal be fake as well? We’ll have to wait and see, but nothing would surprise us at this point.

It’s your turn to sound off Facebook fans! What do you think of Tori Spelling’s marital crisis? Do you think that she and Dean will be able to save their marriage? Or should they call it quits? We know you have an opinion and we want to hear it!


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